Travelling in style – Rimowa, worth it?

With an average price of £400+ for a medium size luggage, one could wonder if buying a Rimowa suitcase really worth it. What justify such a price tag? Is it made of gold? Does it roll itself across the airport?

Rimowa logo on suitcase

The answer is no, there is no gold or self-driven functionality. Rimowa developed a strong reputation for its extremely light and durable luggage. Now, it is all very well but most luggage brands do lightweight suitcases nowadays so what is the real differentiator?

To answer this question, let’s have a look at my 9-year-old Rimowa, an old version of the Salsa Air 65 litres. My parents very kindly got it for me when I moved to the US to study. They saw it as an investment as I was scheduled to travel a fair bit over the following 12 months. They also happen to live on the border with Germany, Rimowa being a German brand, they may have found a good deal at the time.

Old Rimowa blue suitcase

So why do I think Rimowa worth the investment?

Rimowa luggage are extremely durable

I moved to the US, then back to France, then again to the US, then back to France again, and finally to England with it. So this suitcase hasn’t only carried my outfits for 2 weeks in Japan or South Africa, it has also carried my life (and the weight of it) multiple times and never failed me. The carbon shell is surprisingly flexible which means that it will extend ever so slightly so you can pack the suitcase to the max, sit on it to squeeze it all in, and pack a bit more. Unlike hard shell luggage, Rimowa gives you a bit more flexibility while still protecting your belongings from the tossing and rolling around.

Old Rimowa inside suitcase

I am also amazed by its durability in all circumstances, from travelling on a longboat in Thailand (below) to rolling in the cobbled streets of Rome, I did it all and 9 years later it is still going strong! And I am not even talking about the multiple spillages it has seen!

Rimowa Koh Phi Phi Thailand

Rimowa luggage are extremely light

That’s an understatement! Rimowa suitcases are very very (one more) very light. To give you an idea my luggage which is 67 x 45 x 25 cm weights about 3 kg. This means that on a long haul flight, I can take up to 20 kg of ‘stuff’ with me (depending on the airline). No more compromise on which shoes or jackets to take!

Old Rimowa blue suitcase

Rimowa is a German brand

If you have never watched Eddie Izzard ‘Dress to kill’ show, you have to! It is hilarious, and luckily you can find most of it on Youtube! One part really stuck with me when Eddie Izzard explains that Germans (and Japaneses) should be in charge of the world logistic because they are so efficient and organised. It is sooo true!

Old Rimowa blue suitcase

Germans are extremely diligent and organised, and most of their products are always very good. BMW, German! WMF, German! Rimowa, German as well! There is something about German brands. They are often expensive but their prices are justified with the quality and reliability. So when buying a Rimowa luggage you know that it is a reliable investment, with a 5-year guarantee too (even better!).

Rimowa suitcase and cat

It is also good to note that this suitcase is an excellent cat trap! There is something about it they cannot resist.

Rimowa suitcase and cat

So would I only buy Rimowa luggage? Of course not, I simply cannot afford it. Would I recommend buying one if money allows it? Absolutely!

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