Christmas 2017 – Decoration inspiration

I cannot believe I am actually writing the first Christmas blog post of 2017! It is still a little bit early, and I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t do much Christmas related stuff until the 1st of December. The only thing I have done so far (apart from writing this blog) is thinking about the Christmas house decoration I want to get in December.

I am not one to get too crazy with Christmas house decoration to be honest. I like my Christmas theme simple and traditional. You won’t find any blue or purple baubles on my tree.

For the Christmas colour theme, I LOVE the traditional red, green and white. For the metallics, I usually go for silver as our house is very modern and it fits well with my other favourite Christmas decoration colour – grey!

Christmas Decorations Inspiration

For the textures, I love organic materials such as wood, paper and raw fabrics. I always go for modern and simple decoration and very rarely pick shiny baubles.

Christmas Decorations Inspiration

The lights are also important, and for Christmas I always pick ‘warm white’ light fixtures. I like the natural and almost candle-like glow it gives.

Christmas Decorations Inspiration

Finally for the theme, I love the simple and rustic Scandinavian vibe which fits well with my choice of colours and textures. But it wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t adding a few little references to our life, some funnier than others. For instance, I have a few Christmas decorations with a London theme. We also always hang a bauble Andrew got for me, broke just after buying it, yet still gave to me the first year we got together.

Christmas Decorations Inspiration

My favourite tradition of all with our Christmas decoration though, is that we decorate the house on a weekend’s evening. We open a nice bottle of wine, play some Christmas tunes, reminisce about the story behind each decoration, and have a little giggle. That’s what I like the most about the Christmas decorations, they give an excuse for the family to regroup and spend quality time together.

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