5 days in Tokyo – highlights

New video alert! The most challenging and the longest one I have edited so far! Challenging because technology failed me and this video almost killed my computer. And long, not because I love slow motions, just because we did so much during our five days in Tokyo!

Tokyo is an amazing city, it is very big, very modern and very old, very busy and very quiet all at the same time – everything you imagine it to be. We explored it all, from the old neighbourhood of Asakusa to the ‘technology’ neighbourhood of Akihabara.

We had a fantastic time there and surprisingly we didn’t feel overwhelmed or completely lost in translation. Japanese people speak much better English than people give them credit for, and, as I live in a big city, Tokyo just felt the same but different. Plus, the mixture of old and new reminded us very much of Europe in a strange way.

So dive in with me into the giant cosmopolitan city, where opposites attract, for the next 14 minutes!

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