Brockley Market – London

Almost every Saturday mornings Andrew and I grab a couple of tote bags, walk across Hilly Fields and the beautiful streets of Brockley for our weekly vegetable and fruit shop at Brockley Market. You will find us browsing around the organic farms’ stalls on the lookout for our 5-a-day for the week.

Vegetables in Brockley Market

Brockley Market is a local farmer’s market taking place every Saturdays from 10am to 2pm in the heart of Lewisham. There you will find organic products but also many different types of traditional food market stalls. You could easily do most of your food shop for the week there but, as for many things in London, it could get a bit expensive so Andrew and I limit ourselves to fruits and vegetables (don’t get me wrong the day I can afford it I will absolutely buy everything there!).

Strawberries in Brokley MarketBeans in Brockley Market

Brockley Market gets busy, and with so many things there I have selected for you our favourites stalls which you should definitely check out if you are a local or just coming to explore Lewisham on a random Saturday morning.

Get some cheese at Mons Cheesemongers, they have all my favourite French cheeses such as Morbier, Tomme de Savoy and Munster (not for the faint-hearted). They will also let you try any product you may be interested in before you buy it! That is good customer service right there!


You have fruits, vegetables and cheese now let’s look for proteins, and some tasty charcuterie at a very reasonable price I would recommend you go to Moons Green Charcuterie. They also do ham sandwiches you can eat straight away, which I haven’t tried as I am not a big cured ham fan but they do look tasty. It is our go-to place with Antonio Delicatessen to get meat for the many raclette parties we host during the winter.

Moons Green Charcuterie Brockley Market

Now the great thing about Brockley Market is that you don’t have to go there to shop for groceries. There is a big area with plenty of seats so you can enjoy the sun and some tasty treats, and with plenty of food stalls to grab breakfast or lunch from I have listed some of our favourites below to help you decide what to eat!

Brockley Market

Mike and Ollie do some great flatbread wraps. I like the fish one in particular as it is different yet very tasty and lighter than its meat counterpart.

Mike and Ollie Brockley Market

For some delicious burgers, go to Mother Flipper, you won’t be disappointed! My favourite is the Bacon Swiss. They also do a naughty breakfast muffin which is really good value for money and much better than any McMuffin!

Mother Flipper Brockley Market

If you fancy something sweet, get a vegan doughnut from Crosstown Doughnuts. Neither Andrew nor I are vegan but we get easily fooled by these! They are super tasty and slightly less sweet than regular doughnuts which is definitely a good thing.

Crosstown vegan dounughts Brockley Market

Now for drinks, there are two options – for a morning pick-me-up get a coffee from Browns of Brockley, the coffee is good but their prices are pretty steep even by London standard. If you are visiting for lunch and fancy an alcoholic beverage grab a local beer from Salthouse Bottles. They are very knowledgeable about London breweries and have a good selection to pick from. They also do gift boxes perfect for a housewarming/secret-Santa/birthday treat.

Salthouse Bottles Brockley Market

Finally, make sure to leave Brockley Market with flowers from the florist stall. They have the most beautiful curated bouquets at a very decent price (£5!!!).

Plants in BrockleyMarketFlowers in Brockley Market

Here you go guys, this was a little peek into the Claire Imaginarium household on Saturdays. Come and say hello if you see us there, I am the brunette with the French accent he is the very tall British guy who eats a lot.

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