Mayfield Lavender – London

The lavender season is from mid-June to early-August and every year you see a wave of bloggers-in-Provence-lavender-fields pictures invading Instagram’s feed. Provence turns purple and it is magical to see, but if like me you have neither the budget nor wardrobe (just yet!) to fly to the south of France and take pictures of yourself picnicking among the flowers I have good news! No need to escape to Luberon to get lost in purple fields, just head south of London for an escape to a Provence-like landscape.

Mayfield Lavender

Mayfield Lavender is just outside of Croydon and about an hour and twenty minutes journey from central London. You will know you are getting close when you hit some traffic and start to see splashes of bright purple between the trees along the road.

Mayfield Lavender

The weather is glorious a the moment in London so Mayfield Lavender gets really busy and expect your pictures to be repetitively photo-bomb and a long queue for pretty much anything involving some sort queueing. It is crowded but not unpleasant and you will still have space to explore and relax in a bath of lavender flowers.

Mayfield Lavender

Claire Imaginarium in Mayfield Lavender
Dress Primark – Bag Gucci – Ballet pumps Zara old collection (similar)

Mayfield Lavender

It also good to note that you will be surrounded by bees at all time! Don’t be scared though, honey bees are not aggressive at all (contrary to wasps) and will avoid stingy you at all cost as they die if they do so. So embrace the buzz and enjoy the filling of those hard little workers’ fur on your skin. Bees are essential to life on the planet and we loved seeing them thriving in a safe environment.

Bumble bee in Mayfield LavenderHoney bee in Mayfield Lavender

Mayfield Lavender also has a few shops where you can get some sweet treats such as lavender cupcakes and lavender iced tea (delicious!).

Lavender cupcake in Mayfield LavenderLavender iced tea in Mayfield Lavender

The place offers so many photo opportunities and we saw a lot of families using it as a location for some summery family portraits which I thought was a great idea!

Phone box Mayfield Lavender

Claire Imaginarium in Mayfield Lavender
Sunglasses Le Specs – Dress Primark – Bag Gucci – Ballet pumps Zara old collection (similar)

Mayfield Lavender

You can also get plenty of lavender products such as soap, jams or bouquets at the main shop.

Mayfield LavenderMayfield Lavender

Enjoy the surroundings for a little while and feel the lavender scent relaxing your body and the sun bringing joy to your busy mind! For an hour we forgot we were on the outskirts of London!

Mayfield LavenderMayfield Lavender

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