Edith Café Belge – Brussels, Belgium

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Well, when in Brussels do as the Belgian would and Edith Café Belge is the perfect place to do so! You will find it hidden away from the city centre, in the lovely Uccle area.

This area is beautiful and has many eateries and bars so if you are thinking to get an Airbnb for your stay in Brussels I would definitely consider Uccle and Ixelles.

Now back to Edith Café Belge. From the outside, it looks like many conventional brasseries you find in Belgium and France, with a few outdoor tables so you can enjoy a coffee in the sun or a beer in the summer heat at night.


Inside the atmosphere is industrial and trendy. It feels like a new place opened by young ambitious people. I believe it is actually the case and has recently replaced an older bar based on the fact that all the reviews are not older than 2018.


Being in Belgium we, of course, opted for Belgian beers. I am not a beer person at all but there are so many beers in this country (3000+ I believe) that I always found one I actually liked during our stay. That evening it was the fresh and light Vedett White. Andrew went for the Vedett IPA which he enjoyed very much.


We ordered our main and I would say that the only negative point for this place was that the waitress was not very smiling, it felt like we were annoying her a bit just by asking her a couple of questions. Who knows, maybe she was having a bad day?

Andrew ordered the Maxi Edith Burger, not the most Belgian dish but the meat was excellent, well seasoned and cooked. The fries were good and he was overall very happy with his choice.


I, on the other hand, went for the ultimate Belgian dish, the very famous moules marinières with frites! It was actually the first time ever I had moules frites. I had tried mussels before but never order my own mussels main. I am not the biggest seashells fan, I generally don’t eat them but I thought I had to as we were in Belgium. Overall I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought! The mussels were good and big (I am still not too sure about the texture though), the sauce was flavoursome and the fries crispy. Andrew who has had moules frites many times before approved of them too.

A lovely local place and a new food experience for me!

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