Brown & Green Cafe – London

The Indian summer is in full swing in London and we have been blessed with some glorious weather. In a few weeks, the days will get significantly colder and darker so Londoners are making the most of it and packing all the Vitamin D before we go in hibernation mode. We therefore take any opportunities to eat outside which is exactly what we did for a weekend brunch at Brown & Green Cafe.

Brown Green Cafe

There is nothing better than a nice meal in the autumnal golden sun with a park view. London park scene (I’ve decided it’s a thing) is strong. In my entire life here I have never lived more than a 5-minute walk from one. Where other big cities can be suffocating, you never feel too trapped in London as it has plenty of green space for you to escape to.

Mayow Park

Brown & Green Cafe is in Mayow Park, one of the oldest communal green spaces in South East London. The cafe is very family friendly and the front porch gave me all the Barbados vibes. The park is beautiful and with the trees slowly switching to their autumn wardrobe I can imagine it will look glorious in a few weeks.

Brown Green Cafe porch

The menu is simple, playing with traditional English breakfast dishes with added twists. They have a broad selection of butties which are a classic breakfast option on mornings after a heavy night. If you are in the UK you will have to have a bacon butty at least once!

Brown Green Cafe

Both Andrew and I were nursing a mild hangover that day so we welcomed Brown & Green Cafe nourishing breakfast options with our arms wide open. Starting with a cappuccino for him and an Americano for me.

Andrew chose an oldie but a goodie – scrambled eggs with bacon.

Bacon and eggs at Brown Green Cafe

I went for the harissa and parmesan eggs on sourdough bread. A spicy Meditteranean take on a classic breakfast dish.

Harissa and parmesan eggs at Brown Green Cafe

We added extra halloumi and sausages as we needed the fat and calories. A hangover can sometimes be a blessing in disguise, it makes you appreciate the simple things even more! A good cup of coffee, comforting food and some sun is all we needed that day.

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