Brixton Market – London

Brixton Market is one of my favourite places in London. First, the atmosphere is great and there are so many great places to get food and drinks and, second, it is one of those areas a bit off the beaten track so 99% of the people frequenting it are locals. I have been a Londoner for almost 8 years and even I only discovered it after 4. No tourist traps there!

Brixton Market

It isn’t the easiest place to find as it hides under train tracks. Walk out of Brixton tube station and take a right along the tracks. You will pass many little local shops selling fabric, furniture and electronics, and, eventually, you will see a path between 2 stalls. Don’t be scared and enter, you won’t be disappointed.

Brixton Market

Have a wander around the different galleries of the market. You will find nice little gift shops, house plants, home decor items, vintage stores and a fair amount of African and Caribbean art and home goods. Brixton is a very multicultural neighbourhood with a large Afro-Caribbean community.

Shop in Brixton MarketShop in Brixton Market

Locals do their food shop there too and you will find fishmongers, butchers and multiple vegetables stalls.

Fishmonger in Brixton MarketVegetable and fruits in Brixton Market

Brixton Market is a great place to grab lunch or brunch with eateries offering food from all around the world. To help you make a decision, let me introduce you to my favourite places.

The Joint in Brixton Market

The Joint serves the most amazing brisket and pulled pork sandwiches. They are the size of my head so go there if you are one hungry meat lover.

Jalisco in Brixton Market

Jalisco is a great Mexican restaurant with delicious tacos and burritos on the menu and some tasty margaritas. The perfect place to grab dinner before going ‘out-out’.

Fish, Wings & Tings in Brixton Market

If you like jerk chicken and Carribean food go to Fish, Wings and Tings. One of my friends from Cayman introduced us to it and the food will transport you to the white sand beaches of Trinidad or Barbados.

Okan in Brixton Market

Finally, if you are after the real flavours of Japan, Okan is the place. And I am not talking about sushi here, I am talking about authentic Osaka’s food. They serve the best okonomiyaki I have found in London so far! For those of you wondering what Okonomiyaki and authentic Japanese food look like read this post (hint: it’s not just sushi and ramen).

Okonomiyaki at Okan in Brixton MarketBrixton Market

Brixton Market is more than a place to grab food and shop, it is an experience. You will see how this South London multicultural community, its cultural heritage and gentrification meet to form one pretty cool place to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Brixton Market

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10 thoughts on “Brixton Market – London

  1. Hi Claire
    I have to say, I liked the pics and your article. I’m currently writing a memoir about my time in South Africa. I was born in London and my family and I had a chance to live in Jo’berg. To give what I’ve written a little authenticity, I need to make sure that my Zulu/Tswana characters sound real. So I need words as spoken, in normal dialect, certain expressions which might be used etc. If you could help, I would be grateful.


  2. Wow! Thanks so much for this. I am heading to London in December and was hoping to find a good place for a brisket sandwich. I love the idea that it’s also off the tourist trail. It’s going to be great fun exploring the market.


  3. I lived in Brixton 25 years ago and these pictures have taken me back to my student days. I am amazed how much is the same and at the same time totally different. A great alternative to the bigger markets that are well known about in London


  4. Love, love, love markets like this! So many great colours in your photos! And to top it all off great looking food too… will be putting this on my london to-do list 🙂


  5. I have been living in London for three years now and I have never visited this market. Is it open only on Saturday afternoons? Would you recommend to visit it with young children?


  6. I love this Moi! As a Londoner I am very guilty of not going to market stalls more often than I do, whether that be in Brixton, Camden, Whitechapel or Shoreditch. I really need to set a Saturday afternoon and do this. It’s where different cultures and heritages come to coexist!

    Hopefully the spiciness of the Caribbean food you had didn’t burn a tongue or two :p

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures


  7. Love all of your pics here. I always try to find a place where there are NOT tourists if I can (or few). While the touristy stuff is fun and fine, the local stuff always seems to be more rewarding. Thanks for writing about Brixton.


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