Icelandair Hotel Myvatn – Iceland

I am not a huge risk taker…Well apart from moving abroad to the unknown a few times and leaving my job to become a freelancer and make it on my own… Ok, let me rephrase: I am not a big risk taker when it comes to small everyday life commitments. I cook the recipes I know well when people come at ours, I buy the same products when I know they work and when it comes to vacation planning, I read the 227 reviews before booking a hotel room. This is exactly what I did before committing to Icelandair Hotel Myvatn back in August. Except that there were very few reviews on Tripadvisor at the time and some were really bad…

We took a risk and I was slightly concerned we would sleep at a building site from what I had read. However, I do believe that my responsibility on this little corner of the internet is to be honest (sometimes brutally #French) but also to be fair when I see that a place or business needs to be given another chance. Trust me Icelandair Hotel Myvatn definitely deserves one!

Icelandair Hotel Myvatn

It was actually one of the best hotels we stayed at during the entire trip! I won’t bore you with a review of every single place we booked but I will bore you with another 300+ words on how beautiful and nice Icelandair Hotel Myvatn is!

We arrived at Reykjahlid in the early evening after a rather long (400+ kilometres driven) and grumpy day (my camera got broken), so we were very ready to relax. At check-in, we knew that our risk had paid off and entered an interior/Instagram dream. Sleek furniture, on point layout, moody hues, Icelandair Hotel Myvatn is a real-life winter cabin Pinterest board!

Icelandair Hotel Myvatn

The corridors look like a Kubrick minimalist maze.

Icelandair Hotel Myvatn

Risk taking is maybe the way we should book our trips from now on as we even got rewarded with what seemed to be a small suite! We had booked a regular room but maybe the combination of an early booking and not so great reviews got us at the top of the guest list.

Icelandair Hotel Myvatn suite

The room had a big window with a view to the freezing outdoor yet nothing was cold about this place. It was large yet felt like a cosy designer cocoon.

Icelandair Hotel Myvatn has thought of all the details with a big comfy bed, asymmetrical bedside arrangements…

Icelandair Hotel Myvatn bedside table

…A gallery wall…

Icelandair Hotel Myvatn bedroom

…Beautiful wood panellings…

Wood panel TV at Icelandair Hotel Myvatn

… and even some local moss!

I can fairly say that it was one of the most beautifully decorated hotel room I have ever stayed at. No beige carpet and floral throw here! And just wait until you see the bathroom…

Icelandair Hotel Myvatn bathroom

The layout of the bathroom was a dream with a bathtub and a giant walking shower.

Icelandair Hotel Myvatn bathroom

The choice of colours and pattern was bold but very much on trend. I mean can we take a moment to admire the black matte finishing touches.

Black matte radiator at Icelandair Hotel Myvatn

Oh! And they even provide L’Occitane products! It doesn’t get much better than this!

L'Occitane products at Icelandair Hotel Myvatn

Icelandair Hotel Myvatn bar and restaurant were lovely too (albeit a bit expensive) and seamed as popular with tourists as with Reykjahlid locals who frequent the place for a dinner out.

Icelandair Hotel Myvatn bar

Our room came to around £150 for a night, which is not cheap but felt very much like a treat! It also included a lovely breakfast, so overall we felt comfortable spending that much money after a few nights in cheaper basic accommodations.

Icelandair Hotel Myvatn bar

So if you are planning a stop to Reykjahlid during a road trip around Iceland consider staying at Icelandair Hotel Myvatn, your body, mind and Instagram will thank you!

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