The best rooftops in London

When you blog you every now and then go through a dry spell. You find the editorial schedule you had planned uninspiring or simply have zero ideas what to write about. This was me yesterday. I sometimes face WordPress blank page longer than it takes me to write 400 words. I mentioned in a post a while back that if you want to blog finding inspiration in everyday life will help you a lot. Luckily me, everyday life eventually intervened in the form of a French gentleman who asked for rooftops in London recommendations.

The best rooftops in London Peckham Levels

Boom, blog post sorted! You know me if there is one thing I can help people with it is to find a place to eat, drink or enjoy a good view in London. So if you are not sure what to do this weekend but fancy a drink and a taste of the London life keep reading!

The perfect after-work rooftop – Bar Elba

I am starting with Bar Elba as it is almost 5pm on a Friday as I am writing this. So if you are counting the minutes at your desk before the end of the day and you are not sure where to go for an after-work drink, this is the place you were looking for!

They have a happy hour until 6pm and the place is incredibly Instagrammable (not that it should be a criteria, but it is for some). The food is decent too! No gourmet cuisine but comforting dishes which will keep you full until closing time.

The south London rooftop – Frank’s Cafe

Now I am a South London girl which means that if there is any decent place within a 20-minute bus ride radius from my home, it easily makes it to my top 20 (it’s London remember); which is the case for Frank’s Cafe. It is pretty decent and not too far from home. Trust Google Map when looking for it and walk in the small alley adjacent to Peckham High street. You will know you are in the right place when you will find the bubble gum staircase.

At the top, you will be greeted by one of the nicest views in London! The menu is simple and I usually share a pitcher of Pimm’s with my friends. The rooftop is only open in the summer so, for now, Frank’s Cafe will be one to add to your 2019 list.

The going ‘out-out’ rooftop – Queen of Hoxton

Queen of Hoxton is a very famous rooftop in London, so chances are you have already heard of it. I had to make sure I included both known and less-known places on this list to cater for everybody and it is a very fun place to go out! The rooftop is surrounded by the towers of The City which gives it a bit of an NYC vibe.

It is also the perfect place if you are planning to go ‘out-out’ this weekend as not only does Queen of Hoxton has a rooftop, but it also has a bar and a nightclub all in the same building. Perfect if unlike me you are still young (read: not as lazy) and full of energy.

The trendy rooftop – Netil 360

I call Netil 360 the trendy rooftop because it is in the heart of super-duper hype Hackney. This is where hipsters mix with fashionistas, bankers and tech entrepreneurs. The views are beautiful and the rooftop is fairly big.

Being a very trendy place chances are you will need to queue to enter Netil 360, just be patient as it usually pays off!

The fancy rooftop – Le Coq d’Argent

Now if you are looking for somewhere very special to celebrate a birthday or an occasion, or simply because you really fancy a glass of champagne, Le Coq d’Argent is the place! In the heart of The City, this is where the bankers unwind after a long week.

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Le Coq d’Argent is on the fancier side so make sure to dress accordingly. The rooftop is like a suspended garden in an urban jungle. Also if you can, book a table at the restaurant, the food is incredible!


There are of course many more rooftops in London, many I have actually been to, but the list above includes the ones I truly enjoy visiting. Some of the most famous rooftops in London can be a bit overrated or so busy that it makes the experience quite unpleasant. So hopefully, the ones I have listed above shouldn’t disappoint you!

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