Bottle Bar and Shop – London

Some places are like old friends, you love spending time with them and you promise not to leave it that long until you see them again. Then the last thing you know 8 months have passed, but it is okay because as soon as you meet with them again you pick things up exactly where you left them. This is exactly how I would describe our relationship with Bottle Bar and Shop in Catford. We went there back in February for my birthday, kept saying how great it was to have such nice place close from home, yet the last thing you know we pushed their door open for a second time this weekend…

Bottle Bar and Shop London

Bottle Bar and Shop is the brainchild of a mixologist and his wife. These guys take their craft seriously very much to the benefits of their customers.

The place reminds me of the many wine and beer shops you find in France. French people rarely buy their bottles in supermarkets, we favour specialist boutiques where the owners are passionate and where you know everything on the shelf will be good. Enter Bottle Bar and Shop and you enter a cocktail, wine and beer connoisseurs heaven.

Bottle Bar and Shop London

The owners will happily help you choose a bottle and with so many to pick from you can always go for the smaller version first before getting into a committed relationship with one of their delicious infused gins.

Bottle Bar and Shop London

Andrew and I sat in the bar for some drinks on a cold Friday evening. He went for a glace of red wine which he very much enjoyed after a busy week at work.

Bottle Bar and Shop London

I opted for a mini cocktails selection. The servings are smaller than the regular drinks but it is a great way to try many of their potions without getting too tipsy (I am only human after all).

My cocktail flight arrived and the owner advised me on the order to drink them in and gave me a bit more information about each. The mixologist version of a wine tasting!

Cocktail tasting at Bottle Bar and Shop London

I had a Negroni which was a very good version of a classic. The Espresso Old Fashioned was a tad too strong for me so I shared it with Andrew who thought it was really good.  The Lychee Martini was fresh, just sweet enough, yet had a good kick which I loved.

Bottle Bar and Shop London

Now you may think that 3 (small) cocktails and a wine glass in we would leave it there. Oh no, no, we are dedicated to the cause and wanted to share with you a few more options so you know what to order when visiting. Plus we can walk home from Bottle Bar and Shop so no risk was taken in the making of this post. (Be a responsible adult, don’t be stupid, know your limits and drink in moderation)

Our second round consisted of a local beer for Andrew. Their selection is huge and focuses mainly on South London breweries.

Beers at Bottle Bar and Shop London

This time I went for a gin! I picked the Earl Grey one which surprised me as it was very neutral. This would be an excellent choice if you dislike the bitterness of gin and tonic. I chatted with the owner who recommended I try the grapefruit gin as it is much more bitter and she very kindly fetched a little tasting glass for me. My god, this one is a winner in my book, it was delicious!

Grapefruit and Earl Grey gins Bottle Bar and Shop London

I am sorry it took us 8 months to come back Bottle Bar and Shop, we promise we won’t leave it that long until we visit again! Also if you are not a South East London local they have an online shop, so you don’t miss out on the fun!

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