Market Hall Victoria – London

It is no secret that I love a good food market, I also happen to live in one of the cities with some of the best and most diverse food courts. In London, every neighbourhood has at least a couple of food street venues. They are great places to meet with friends, grab some drinks and excellent food without breaking the bank. The latest food market addition which is about to take London by storm is Market Hall. With 2 locations opened in 2018 and one more to open on Oxford Street in 2019, I was curious to see what all the fuss was about.

Street food competition is very high in London so could Market Hall really be better than any of the many similar places you can find in the Big Smoke? I decided to find out and it is in the name of research (well and also friendship!) that I went to explore the new venue in Victoria.


It was a very miserable rainy day when I met my friends, Camille and Hemma, at the doors of Market Hall Victoria, so we were very happy to see that the entire venue was indoor and watertight.

From the outside, it doesn’t look like much and you could easily walk past it without even noticing. I assume that as time goes by and more people know about this place queues will form indicating the entrance a bit better than Google Map does.


The location is spacious and very pleasant. It spreads over two floors and when we arrived just before 7pm we still found plenty of free tables.


Market Hall has thought of everything and there is a complete menu of each food stall on the tables. I much preferred reading the menu than doing the usual stalking at other people’s plates and the awkward “I may be interested or I may not be” casual walk in front of each vendor to catch a glimpse of the dishes.


The three of us opted for tacos. There is something about Mexican food on a very dull and cold day; the spices, the flavours, we needed something hot and colourful to brighten our day.


Because we all have great taste (in food and friendship) we ordered the same taco plate option served with 3 tacos, rice and black beans.

Camille went for 3 steak tacos, Hemma went for 3 Portobello mushroom tacos and I for one beef, one mushroom and one chicken. I think it says a lot more about our personalities than our tastes in food, and I am not sure where that leaves me…


All three flavours were really good, with the mushroom taco being on the rather surprisingly spicy side!


With my meal I had a beer, I know! A beer! Who even am I? I asked the bar staff for ‘fresh and light’ recommendations and I was advised to try the Sorcery which, I have to say, is the perfect beer for a non-beer lover like me.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Market Hall, and I will definitely visit the Fulham branch and the soon-to-be Oxford Street one!


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