12 facts about me

I rarely talk about myself on this blog. I share experiences and opinions, I also more recently started the conversation about mental health, but that’s pretty much it. So with this year coming to a close, I was reflecting on what had been the biggest change in my life in 2018, and without a doubt, it has been meeting new people in real life.

Bloggers, entrepreneurs, mentors, I have made the conscious effort to go to events, meet-ups or just for coffee with new people. For someone who is shy and introvert by nature, I was pleasantly surprised to love every minute of it. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to meet you all in person but I thought I would tell you a bit more about me and share 12 things you may not know. I want to know more about you too, so make sure to share a bit about yourself in the comments!

Claire Imaginarium Brussel

1. I am originally from France. I was born and raised in Alsace, Strasbourg is my hometown.

2. I am a horse rider but my teachers used to get frustrated as they wanted me to do well at competitions whereas all I wanted was to go on hikes, give the horses all the cuddles and feed them carrots and apples. I never won anything but to this day I love a good ride in the outdoors.

Claire Imaginarium horse riding

3. I studied at a French business school and graduated with a Masters degree in Communications and Marketing.

4. My favourite movie of all time is Some Like it Hot. I am also partial to Star Wars IV, V and VI and any Sean Connery’s James Bond films.

5. I lived in Missouri for a year and a half. It was quite funny to be a French woman lost somewhere in the Midwest. I studied at Truman State University and loved my time there. I also did in an internship in Kansas City. People always look astonished when I tell them, as most don’t know this area of the world, but I look back at that time fondly as it was an adventure, it made me very resourceful and hungry to live abroad.

Kansas City street art

6. I moved to London on my own in January 2011. I knew almost no one but I was so excited! I told my parents I would be there for a couple of years and 8 years later I am still there, I bought a house, adopted a cat and married a British man.

Claire Imaginarium rescue cat

7. I am really scared of flying which is so frustrating as one of my favourite things to do is travel. I used to be ashamed of it but I know I am not the only one and I am happy to talk about it to help others feel less lonely.

8. Close second after flying come big bugs. I can handle a bee or a ladybug, but if I see a big spider crawling by I am running out of the room screaming.

9. I love all things interior. It comes from my parents who have always been into decorating their house and it stuck with me. I would describe my style as modern eclectic.

Claire Imaginarium master bedroom

10. I love fashion but when it comes to looks skincare is where my heart lies. I can spend hours looking for a face cream or serum. I don’t know why but I love reading all the ingredients and test all the textures. I am not the best when it comes to makeup so I invest all my money in a good canvas instead.

11. I am a feminist and proud. I believe in equal opportunities and treatments of women and men. Any injustice or unfair behaviour toward women infuriates me. I have zero patience or time for people who don’t at least try to see and understand why equality is important and why it is still very much a work in progress.

Claire Imaginarium Iceland

12. I have dealt with anxiety and hypersensitivity all my life. It is sometimes challenging to manage and I am one of those people who sees, notices and feels things in a bit more intense way than most. As a child I used to cry each time I would see someone homeless, it broke my heart and I couldn’t contain it. As an adult, this child is still very much part of me but I have learned to manage the emotional overload better and make it a more constructive thing.

Claire Imaginarium Kyoto Japan

I am looking forward to learning more about you guys!

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2 thoughts on “12 facts about me

  1. Great post Claire. I too am quite scared when it comes to flying. It’s been nearly 5 years now since I have been abroad. But really hoping I can break this spell by flying somewhere in Europe next year. I would be quite nervous meeting other bloggers, so well done!

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