Restaurant Au Pont Corbeau – Strasbourg, France

If you are visiting Alsace you have to at least once have dinner in a winstub. Winstubs are traditional Alsatian restaurants, the name simply means ‘wine and warm room”. It is all in the name, you go there to eat, drink and stay warm, and the perfect place to have the full winstub experience is Au Pont Corbeau in Strasbourg.

Au Pont Corbeau winstub Strasbourg

Au Pont Corbeau is just out of the city centre and in walkable distance to all the main sights. It opens at 7pm on the dot and you will see a queue forming outside. Make sure to make a reservation as it is a very popular place and it will be packed by 7:10pm.

Au Pont Corbeau winstub Strasbourg

We started our meal with an aperitif, I highly recommend the Muscat which is fresh and slightly sweet. A little treat to open your appetite. You can never go wrong with a kir neither, which is a classic French aperitif.

Au Pont Corbeau menu

To go with the Muscat we shared foie gras toasts. Foie gras is traditionally eaten for special occasions in France, like Christmas or weddings. It has an acquired taste and I know its production is controversial but it is consumed in very small quantities and very occasionally by French people.

Foie gras toasts Au Pont Corbeau

The owner of Au Pont Corbeau is very famous for his wine knowledge, so if you feel overwhelmed by the 20-page wine menu just ask him for recommendations. He will make sure to pair the wine with what you are eating.

Au Pont Corbeau wine list

We picked a Pinot Noir, a light and very drinkable red, which worked well with all our dishes.

Pinot noir Au Pont Corbeau

My dad went for the beef onglet (flank), a beautiful piece of beef, cooked to perfection (very pink as we don’t really do well done in France) and served with pan-fried potatoes and salad.

Beef Au Pont Corbeau

My mum chose the boudin. I am not a fan of blood sausage but my mum who loves it thought this one was excellent.

Blood sausage Au Pont Corbeau

Andrew indulged in a breaded chicken, served with bacon, melted Munster (a traditional cheese from Alsace), pan-fried potatoes and salad.

Chicken Au Pont Corbeau

It is good to note that their pan-fried potatoes are excellent so make sure to get these instead of French fries, they will happily switch to these if you ask.

I ordered a choucroute, one of the most famous classic Alsatian dishes. A plate of sauerkraut served with meat, sausages and potatoes. I love it and it is a must to add to your list of things to try while in Alsace.

Choucroute Au Pont Corbeau

We were full but still craving for something sweet and decided to get tempted by the desserts.

My parents shared a rhum savarin and Andrew and I a blueberry tarte.

Rhum savarin Au Pont Corbeau
Blueberry tart Au Pont Corbeau

Eating at Au Pont Corbeau is the ultimate Alsatian foodie experience. We left satisfied and warm, looking forward to a good night of sleep.

Au Pont Corbeau winstub Strasbourg

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