Sunset on the Dead Sea

The sun floating above the clouds, the clouds floating above the sea.

Dead Sea (Jordan) – 2012

Dead Sea sunset in Jordan

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The sun and the palm tree

Today’s Sunset-Thursday is brought to you by Jordan, and its reflection by the Dead Sea.

Jordan – 2012



If like hiking and the beauty of canyons, you will be very happy in Jordan!

Jordan – 2012


A week in Jordan – part 2

For the second half of the week, we headed north to Petra and the Dead Sea. (Haven’t read part 1 yet? Find it here)

Petra… Where to start… There is a reason why it is called the 8th wonder of the world, it is beyond beautiful!

After a night in the desert in Wadi Rum, we rushed to our hotel in Wadi Musa for a quick shower and to change clothes. We stayed at La Maison hotel, nothing fancy but comfortable and very close to Petra’s entrance, it did the job as we were only staying one night.

Off to Petra, we got welcomed at the entrance by a horde of horses. Indeed you are given the choice between walking to the hidden city or riding to it. As the queue for the horses was fairly long, we decided to walk there.Jordan Petra
Jordan PetraJordan PetraJordan Petra

As you can see we also made friends on the way!

After a good 30 minutes’ walk, we finally arrived at the Treasury. It is such an impressive sight that you can hear the crowd gasp when standing in front of it. Talking about the crowd, one thing Petra is not lacking is tourists, it is a very busy place and it can get a little annoying at times.

Jordan PetraJordan Petra

Willing to beat the crowd we decided to take an indirect route around the huge site (seriously, Petra was a huge city!). Climbing above the city was a physical and very sweaty challenge but absolutely worth it just for the views. You will need good hiking boots though as health and safety in Jordan are slightly different to Europe and stairs and guardrails are optional.Jordan PetraJordan Petra

We got lost in time, walking in and out of the cave houses, wandering around what was once the city centre and farmer market. It was a beautiful day and I am so happy to have been there, it worth every drop of sweat.

Jordan PetraJordan PetraJordan PetraJordan Petra

Heading back to town we grabbed dinner at a small place next to our hotel and went to bed exhausted and slightly sunburned.

The last stretch of our trip took us to the Dead Sea. We based ourselves at the Marriott for the last 3 nights. Most of our time there was dedicated to floating, covering our bodies with mud and relaxing.

Petra Dead SeaPetra Dead SeaPetra Dead SeaPetra Dead SeaPetra Dead Sea

We also went for a hike in Mujib Nature Reserve which I would highly recommend. The scenery is breathtaking, and you are being kept cool by the river you are walking/swimming through.

Jordan Mujib Nature ReserveJordan Mujib Nature Reserve

Here you go, seven days of Jordanian adventures, with the right amount of downtime for good measure. We headed back to the gloomy London October weather, the head full of sunshine and feeling a little like Indiana Jones…

Part 1 of our trip is here.


Driving down toward the Dead Sea. As you can see in this picture, the Dead Sea is so low that you can barely see it in that picture.

Jordan – 2012


All is bright

Summer has definitely arrived in London, but most importantly I am counting down the days until my next vacation (16 days!!!) while reminiscing of very warm days in Jordan. This beautiful sunset was capture by yours truly at the Jordan Valley Marriott.

The Dead Sea gives sunset the nicest glow!

By the way if you can stay at the Marriott by the Dead Sea please do! This place is a dream!

Jordan – 2012


Dreaming of summer

We experienced 4 seasons in one day in London, today. Snow, thunder, name it, we got it! Now I am just dreaming of a warm day in the sun with a spectacular sunset like this one I captured in Jordan.

Jordan – 2012