Ponto Final – Lisbon, Portugal

Today’s food destination is a popular one. Ponto Final is in most guides about Lisbon. Why? The food is good and authentic and the views of Lisbon are incredible. When visiting the city most attractions will keep you north of the Tagus. Ponto Final is a great excuse to go to the south bank and enjoy the views of the city centre.

To get there you will need to take the ferry from Cais de Sodre to Cacilhas. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the other side. Once there you will have to walk another 15 minutes along the shore. Be aware that at night, the path is very dark and can look a little bit intimidating, but don’t worry you will only run into other guests of the restaurant and some fishermen.

Lisbon and the Tagus by night

Make sure to take plenty of pictures on your way to Ponto Final, this is where you will get the best view of Lisbon north bank and the Ponte 25 de Abril.

Lisbon and the Tagus by night

Keep walking (in the dark, if like us you are going for dinner) and eventually you will be greeted by music, cheery voices and fairy lights. That is it! You have arrived at your destination!

Ponto Final Lisbon

We had booked a table outside but the nights in Lisbon can be quite chilly in the Autumn so we eventually had to move inside. No ones fault just the weather playing against us. It was a little bit of a shame as the view is one of the main reasons people eat at Ponto Final. So we took all the pictures we could and headed inside.

Ponto Final Lisbon

Luckily Ponto Final is also famous for its food! So we knew it wouldn’t be a disappointing evening. The main ingredient here is fish and the food is traditional and rustic. A great place to taste the real flavours of Portuguese food!

Ponto Final Lisbon

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will now that I love octopus, so of course, to start, I went for the octopus salad.

Octopus salad Ponto Final Lisbon

Andrew opted for the Ponto Final soup.

Ponto Final soup

For mains, I went for the mackerel with boiling hot tomato rice and Andrew for the cod fritters with bean rice.

Mackerels Ponto Final LisbonTomato rice Ponto Final Lisbon

Everything we had was tasty! Portuguese food is simple and unfussy which makes it easily accessible to anyone. You get what is written on the menu, and in a way, it is a nice break from the ‘sounds fancy but not sure what that means‘ menus you can often get in Europe.

Cod fritters and beans rice Ponto Final Lisbon

It is also good to note that the portions are extremely generous, so if you are a small eater you could easily share a main between two people.

Sticking with the Portuguese food theme, we shared a bottle of vinho verde, a wine only produced in Portugal. It is fresher than a regular white wine, easy to drink, and just delicious!

Vinho Verde Ponto Final Lisbon

So if you are in Lisbon, make sure to have some fish at Ponto Final, maybe for lunch though, so it is a bit warmer!

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The fishmongers’ meal

A nice meal after a long shift.

Tokyo – 2017

Restaurant in Tokyo fish market

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Trattoria Cammillo – Florence, Italy

Looking for a place for a nice dinner in Florence? Look no further!

But first make sure to enjoy the views of the sunset over Florence from the Piazzale Michelangelo. It is a must if you are ever visiting Florence! Enjoy the best view of Florence Cathedral, also known as Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, and look at the colours changing over the city while the mountains start to appear in the background.

Florence sunset viewFlorence sunset view
Had enough? Feeling hungry? Good!

Head down toward the city centre but stay on the south bank of the Arno river. Walk along the Arno on Borgo S. Jacopo street. After a 15-minutes walk you should reach Trattoria Cammillo!

Trattorio Cammillo outside Florence

The traditional trattoria is something out of a movie! The outside is vintage and very welcoming after a long day walking around the city.

The interior is very traditional and the waiters seem to have worked there their entire life. All of them are very elegant, extremely knowledgeable and their service is delivered with a bit of Italian wit, which oh so charming. You can tell they are very proud to work at Trattoria Cammillo!

Trattoria Cammillo Florence

Pick a glass of wine (or a bottle) from the extensive wine menu.

One tip, if like me you feel overwhelmed when choosing wine, when in Tuscany you can never really go wrong by ordering a Chianti or a Montepulciano!

Trattoria Cammillo

Now the food… Oh the food!!!

Once again, just like in an American romantic comedy where the hero goes to Italy to find themselves, the meaning of life and eat all the food. The plates are simple, the dishes are traditional, and everything is delicious.

We weren’t feeling very adventurous that night and went for classics, and Trattoria Cammillo didn’t disappoint. A caprese salad to start (tomato and mozzarella).

Trattoria Cammillo caprese salad

Followed by the most delicious mushroom pasta, COVERED with fresh truffle and parmesan!

Trattoria Cammillo mushroom truffle pasta

We ended the dinner happy and full, very, very full, as the before and after pictures below demonstrate!

Trattoria CammilloTrattoria Cammillo

We didn’t book a table and were very lucky as Trattoria Cammillo can get really busy! I would definitely recommend making a reservation if you can.

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La Prosciutteria – Siena, Italy

Looking for a nice lunch spot away from the touristy crowds in Siena? Follow me!

Follow me La Prosciutteria Siena

From Piazza del Campo, head East in the narrow streets behind the main sights.

Piazza del Campo Siena

You will know you are getting close once you pass in front of the Logge del Papa.

Siena street

Once on Via Magalotti, look for a very simple brown restaurant front with a few tables outside. You found it!

La Prosciutteria speciality are giant, dreamy, Instagramable sharing platters! Also known as antipasto in Italian.

La Prosciutteria antipasto platter

Multiple varieties of cheese, cured meat, anchovies, artichoke and more!

La Prosciutteria antipasto platter

Our platter was for three people and we struggled finishing it! The ultimate antipasto if you ask me!

Once done, I would recommend heading to Nannini for the best espresso you will ever have, and, if you have appetite for desert, a giant cannoli!

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Best restaurants for the sunset in Mykonos

When in Mykonos, we had the chance to enjoy the sunset in town few times and  every time the views were excellent so I thought I would share our two favourite addresses with you!

For a view of the luxurious yachts and the sunset – Roca Cookery

For a taste of Mykonos glam head to Roca Cookery. The restaurant is just above the town’s harbour and you will enjoy the views of the glamorous yachts VIPs live on during their stay in Mykonos.

Roca Cookery sunsetRoca Cookery Mykonos sunset

Witness Mykonos turning gold with a glass of refreshing rose.

Roca Cookery rose wineRoca Cookery sunset

Enjoy some tradition Greek food and watch the world go by.

Roca Cookery bread olivesRoca Cookery seafood

For a view of Mykonos town and the sunset – Sea Satin Market

Book a table by the sea front and you will be in for a treat.

Sea Satin Market restaurantSea Satin Market restaurant

The views from Sea Satin Market are insanely beautiful! On the right you have the charming ‘little Venice’, an the left the majestic Mykonos windmills, and in the centre Mr Sun doing what it does best!

Mykonos windmill

Order platters of Greek dips and sea food and you will be a happy bunny!

Sea Satin Market restaurant sunsetSea Satin Market restaurant sunsetSea Satin Market restaurant sunset

I am sure there must be so many other nice places we haven’t tried! We are planning to use this as an excuse to visit Mykonos again soon!

Kiki’s Tavern – Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos was our first stop in the Cyclades, and on our first day there, we rented a nice little Fiat 500 and were off to explore the island.

Around lunch time, we headed north of the island to Kiki’s Tavern for a bite to eat. I heard a lot about the place and was excited to try it!

Kiki's Tavern Mykonos

Kiki’s Tavern is right by the beautiful Agios Sostis beach. A quiet white sanded beach with refreshing turquoise water.

Agios Sostis beach

We arrived around noon, and, if you want to be sited fairly quickly, I recommend you do so too! 20 minutes later there was a significant queue!

We sat under the pergola, desperate for shade and watched the world passing by (well, mainly busy waiters).

Kiki's Tavern MykonosKiki's Tavern MykonosKiki's Tavern Mykonos

Because of the heat and our lack of sleep the night before, we order two delicious cafés frappés. This quickly became my favourite drink in Greece. If you are a coffee lover, make sure to order one!

Café frappé Kiki's Tavern MykonosCafé frappé Kiki's Tavern Mykonos

For our starters, we ordered tsatsiki, which was soooo refreshing, and the palest and tastiest tarama I’ve ever ate. Grab a piece of bread, dip in, easy!

Tsatsiki and tarama Kiki's Tavern Mykonos

Kiki’s Tavern‘s quantities are rather generous and we felt pretty full after the starters. So for the main we went for a baked aubergine and grilled calamaris.

Aubergine and calamari Kiki's Tavern Mykonos

Feeling stuffed, we skipped desert and headed to Agios Sostis beach for a bit of sunbathing and a swim.

Agios Sostis beachAgios Sostis beach

Make sure Kiki’s Tavern is on your list for a taste of authentic greek food!

Soso – Paros, Greece

Paros is a less known Cyclades island and a true gem. Much more relaxed than Mykonos and a lot less busy than Santorini, it offers everything you would hope for when island hopping in Greece AND everything is really good value for money.

Being in Greece for our honeymoon, we thought we would treat ourselves to a dinner in one of the best restaurants on the island. We headed to Soso which is rated #2 in Naousa on Tripadvisor. It was delicious, very charming, extremely tasty and CHEAP! The whole dinner with wine came to about 50 euros.

Want to join us for dinner? Follow the narrow streets of Naousa.

Paros Naoussa street

Take a sit at the most charming terrace. Everywhere you look offers a picture opportunity.

Paros Naoussa Soso restaurant  Paros Naoussa Soso restaurant

If the food is as good as the place is charming we were in for a treat, and I was very excited!

Paros Naoussa Soso restaurant

So excited that I actually forgot to take pictures so you will have to take my word for it – I am French, I like to eat and I am telling you, this place is good!

We started with a selection of Greek spreads and appetizers. Tsatsiki, fish rillettes, beetroot and courgettes salads.

Paros Naoussa Soso restaurant

We then ordered the most delicious fava topped with octopus.

Paros Naoussa Soso restaurant

We also had the most delicate filo pastries.

Paros Naoussa Soso restaurant

All this was followed by a few more dishes, all delicious and complimentary dessert (how nice!).

After such a satisfying dinner, we enjoyed a digestive walk. Wandering around Naousa and heading to the beach to enjoy the sunset. Pure bliss.

Paros Naoussa streetParos Naoussa sunset

If you are in Paros, Soso absolutely worth the detour, you won’t be disappointed!

A weekend in Rome – part 3

On day 1, we explored the Antique Rome, on day 2, we visited the Vatican, and day 3 was all about the ‘everyday’ Rome.

After a morning lazing around the pool of our hotel. We headed to the city centre for a last stroll before our flight.

Rome roofs and swimming pool


We first looked for a nice spot for lunch and found a great place just off the Piazza Navona. I talked more about Cul de Sac, there.

Cul de Sac restaurant Rome


After a very satisfying lunch, we went to explore Piazza Navona and its surroundings.

Piazza NavonaPiazza Navona

The atmosphere of Rome is just intoxicating, you cannot help but feel happy walking in the yellow cobbled streets.
Rome streetRome street

We walked through the city centre on the look for gelatos.
Rome fountain

ROme street

And we ended our trip at the Pantheon, one of Rome oldest building still standing!

Pantheon RomePantheon RomePantheon Rome

It was my third time here and I can say that Rome really never disappoints!


Take me there!

Caffe Napoli

Italian colours on Italian buildings.

Monopoli – 2016


What’s – Kyoto, Japan

If you happen to be visiting Kyoto and fancy some beef, I may just know the place you want to go to!

What’s in Kyoto is one of those restaurants you would probably miss while walking around Kyoto city centre. It is in a quiet back street about 10-minutes’ walk from Shijo Dori, Kyoto main high street, and it really worth the detour!

Kyoto What's restaurant

Once inside the waiters will warmly welcome you. Everybody is very friendly, at What’s, and genuinely interested in where you are coming from, how you are finding Japan, and if you enjoy your time there.

If you are sitting upstairs, you will be asked to take your shoes off, very common in Japanese restaurants.

You will then be taken to your table which is more of a private booth than a table. Everything there is made so you can quietly and privately enjoy your dinner. No curious table neighbours staring at your plate here!

Kyoto What's restaurant

To order, just use the little bell on the table! As I said, the staff wants to make sure that you are not being bothered unless it is necessary. Japanese people are very considerate which extremely pleasant!

We were first treated to an appetiser, beef tongue, the name may not be appetising for all but it was delicious!

Kyoto What's restaurant

Once the grill was ready, we ordered the shoulder sirloin for me and the Selection of the Chef for Andrew.

Kyoto What's restaurantKyoto What's restaurant

All meats are served with a selection of soy sauces, salt and wasabi.

Kyoto What's restaurantKyoto What's restaurantKyoto What's restaurant

I find that cooking your own food make you appreciate it even more.

Kyoto What's restaurant

For sides, we went for some kimchi (fermented cabbage and radishes, so good!) and the steamed vegetables. Who knew steamed cabbage could be so delicious?

Kyoto What's restaurantKyoto What's restaurant

It was truly one of our favourite meal in Kyoto! From the beautiful indoors, to the delicious food and the lovely staff, What’s really worth a visit!