Favourite sunscreens 2018

Looking at the title of this post one may think that this is pretty poor editorial planning  – “Why on Earth is she talking about sunscreens in September? This more of an early summer topic!” Bear with me here, there is some sense to my madness! Firstly, sunscreen shouldn’t be a product you only reach […]

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Skincare & Cosmetics – 11 Japanese Must-Buys

Japanese eye makeup and skincare

Asia is known to produce some of the best skincare and cosmetic products. Japan, in particular, is renowned among beauty-lovers (yours truly) for its very high-quality, , result-oriented, affordable cosmetics. For a beauty product addict like me, the Land of the Rising Sun was heaven! I visited the drugstores about 4 times. The first 2 […]

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Let’s talk about sunscreens

Wait, is she writing a beauty blog now? Kind of, but only because this is very relevant to travellers and wanderlusters like me. Don’t worry I am not going to bore you with a description of my favourite eye cream (even though I could absolutely share that with you if you wish!) but I wanted to talk […]

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