Santorini sailing sunset

Today’s Thursday-Sunset is brought to you by Santorini.

As far as sunset photography goes, the composition doesn’t get much better than that.

Santorini – 2016

Santorini sunset


Cheers to the weekend!

See you tomorrow for more pictures and Sunday for a new travel post! This weekend I’m taking you to a new greek island, hope you’re ready!

Santorini – 2016

Santo Wines sunset Santorini

Sunset in Brazil jungle

Today’s Thursday-Sunset is brought to you by Brazil.

That moment when you ask the guide to stop so you can capture the beautiful Brazilian golden hour.

Brazil – 2013


Gold waves

Today’s Thursday-Sunset is brought to you by Puglia, where the sea transforms into melted gold.

Baia Verde (Puglia) – 2016

Italy Puglia Baia Verde sunset

Santo Wines – Santorini, Greece

There is nothing like a nice glass of wine on a terrace, on a summer night, people watching. You know what’s even better though? Several glasses of wine, on a summer night, sunset watching in Santorini.

On a late afternoon we headed to Santo Wines in the middle part of the island, just a little south of Fira for a winery tour.

Santorini Santo Wines

The tour was very interesting and educative. We learned about the history of the island, the soil and the cultural meaning associated with wine making in Santorini.

Santorini Santo Wines

After an hour tour, we headed to the panoramic terrace for the real treat! We were served a tray of wine glasses to enjoy with nibbles and the view.

Santorini Santo Wines tastingSantorini Santo Wines tasting

As we say in French ‘Apero!

Santorini Santo Wines tasting

Our only job for the rest of the day was to enjoy the wine and take as many pictures as we possibly could of the caldera and the sunset.

Santorini Santo Wines sunset

The wine made me a little ‘creative’ which made for some interesting photographs of wine glasses, sunset, wine glasses and sunset, sunset through wine glasses. You get the picture! 😉

Santorini Santo Wines sunsetSantorini Santo Wines sunset

We left Santo Wines a little tipsy and a little more in love with Santorini. Absolutely worth visiting!

Sunset in Tenuta Yala

Golden hour on the vineyard in Tenuta Yala.

Puglia – 2016

Puglia Tenuta Yala agriturismo sunset

Plunge pool sunset

Floating with a view.

Santorini – 2016

Santorini Grace Hotel plunge pool sunset

Greek sunset

Today’s Thursday-Sunset is brought to you by Santorini.

Little boats sailing, little birds flying, all toward the sun.

Santorini – 2016

Santorini Sunset

Sunset Cruise – Santorini, Greece

Santorini has some of the most beautiful sunset views in the world, so a sunset cruise is a must if you are visiting the island! It was one of the highlights of our honeymoon.

We booked ours with Caldera Yachting, and even though it is a little pricey it worth every penny.

Sunset Cruise Santorini

A van picked us up from Grace Hotel around 2pm and we headed to the port right by Oia where our catamaran was waiting for us. The drive in itself is an adventure with roads so narrow you wonder how a minivan fits in.

Sunset Cruise Santorini

We boarded the boat with 8 other people. The group was small enough that everybody had enough space on the boat yet big enough that you can have interesting conversations with people from all around the world.

After introductions and the safety brief we were off! Sailing through the Caldera is pretty special!

Sunset Cruise Santorini

First stop Palea Kameni, for dip in the hot spring.

Sunset Cruise Santorini

A guide was with us at all time and answered any questions we may have about the island. An entertaining and educating afternoon!

Sunset Cruise SantoriniSunset Cruise Santorini

Our second stop was next to Nea Kameni. This is where the crew served us dinner. The food, a selection of freshly barbecued fish and meat and salads, was delicious.

Sunset Cruise SantoriniSunset Cruise Santorini

With full bellies we headed to our last stop, the sunset… And because images speak louder than words I am leaving you here to enjoy a selection of my favourite pictures below.

Sunset Cruise SantoriniSunset Cruise SantoriniSunset Cruise SantoriniSunset Cruise SantoriniSunset Cruise SantoriniSunset Cruise Santorini

Greek sunset

They said Santorini has the best sunsets. They were right.

Santorini – 2016