Escaping the Big Smoke

Escaping the big smoke and heading the Cotswolds this weekend! I can’t wait! Our little English gateways are some of my favourite trips.

Norfolk – 2016

Beach cabins in Wells Next The Sea Norfolk

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Cheers to the weekend!

See you tomorrow for more pictures and Sunday for a new travel post! This weekend I’m taking you to a new greek island, hope you’re ready!

Santorini – 2016

Santo Wines sunset Santorini

A weekend on the Jurassic Coast – highlights

After a first video of my trip to Puglia, here is my second video creation – the highlights of our weekend on the Jurassic Coast. I like to play with new types of content and thought you would like it!

The Jurassic Coast stretches from Devon to Dorset and offers some of the most impressive and scenic views of England. Why this name? Millions of years ago this was the house to many palaeontology creatures and today it is the house of many fossils. It is a fantastic escape to the English seaside and I will soon share our full itinerary!

Also, you may wonder why our car feature so much in the video. Well… This is the creative input of Andrew who is having a love affair with his new Alfa Romeo Giulia…

Hope you enjoy it! You can find all the details of our stay on the Jurassic Coast here!

A weekend in Rome – part 3

On day 1, we explored the Antique Rome, on day 2, we visited the Vatican, and day 3 was all about the ‘everyday’ Rome.

After a morning lazing around the pool of our hotel. We headed to the city centre for a last stroll before our flight.

Rome roofs and swimming pool


We first looked for a nice spot for lunch and found a great place just off the Piazza Navona. I talked more about Cul de Sac, there.

Cul de Sac restaurant Rome


After a very satisfying lunch, we went to explore Piazza Navona and its surroundings.

Piazza NavonaPiazza Navona

The atmosphere of Rome is just intoxicating, you cannot help but feel happy walking in the yellow cobbled streets.
Rome streetRome street

We walked through the city centre on the look for gelatos.
Rome fountain

ROme street

And we ended our trip at the Pantheon, one of Rome oldest building still standing!

Pantheon RomePantheon RomePantheon Rome

It was my third time here and I can say that Rome really never disappoints!


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Grey day

Getting ready for the bank holiday weekend! The tradition in England is for the weather to be bad, so let’s hope it’s an nontraditional one!

Lake District (Cumbria) – 2014


A weekend in Rome – part 2

On the second day of a long weekend in Rome, head to the Vatican. A true architectural wonder and a place filled with masterpieces.

Vatican Basilica St PietroVatican Basilica St PietroVatican Basilica St Pietro

The Vatican’s queue is notoriously long and bad, so make sure to beat it by ordering your tickets online. I got ours there and we walked pass the 500-meters long queue and went straight in there with very little wait at security.

Swiss guard Vatican

The Vatican is huge and filled with pieces you probably first saw in your history books at school.

Vatican museumVatican museumVatican museum

‘Ohhhhh’ and ‘Ahhhh’ in the Sistine chapel (but don’t take any pictures, you’ll be told off! Trust me, I tried!).

Vatican museumVatican museumVatican museum

Wander for a couple of hours and end your visit in the huge Basilica St Pietro.

Basilica St Pietro

Once out, head toward Piazza del Popolo, on the way you will find plenty of delis and bakeries where you can find delicious sandwiches.

Piazza del Popolo

On Piazza del Popolo grab a gelato and people watch.

Piazza del Popolo

Rome is a very lively city and Piazza del Popolo a great place to see it happen.

Done with your gelato? Good! Now let’s walk it off! Head uphill to the Villa Borghese park, wander along the cypress trees alleys and enjoy the views of Rome’s roofs.

Villa Borghese parkVilla Borghese parkVilla Borghese park

Have a siesta on the grass and when it gets closer to ‘Aperol o’clock’ head down back into the city via the Spanish Steps and take a sit at a terrace for an aperitivo and more people watching.

End the day with a dish of pasta or a delicious pizza and go to bed for some sun filled dreams.

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Here are parts 1 and 3 of our weekend in Rome!

A weekend in Rome – part 1

Rome… Ahhhhhh, Rome… I love you so much! You are like a summer fling – seducing, warm, interesting and beautiful. I have been to Rome several times and I just fall in love more and more each time. It always delivers!

The great thing with Rome is that it is only a short flight away from almost everywhere in Europe so going for a long weekend is fairly easy!

Alps flight to Rome

A quick flight across the Alps and you will be there for dinner on a Friday. Find a nice little restaurant not far from where you are staying and unwind to the sound of Italian voices.

On Saturday, head to the Colosseum.

Colosseum Rome

Yes, it is a touristic cliché, but it really is worth visiting. You will feel like Russell Crowe in Gladiator for a couple of hours. Note that it is important to buy your tickets in advance to beat the queue.

Colosseum RomeColosseum Rome

Rome offers also plenty of touristy photo opportunities. So go on, be a tourist and proud of it!

Colosseum Rome

Now is a good time to grab a late lunch. All places around there will be quite touristy so don’t desperately look for something special, just pick between panini and pasta. Or even better, pack a sandwich from a local baker, so you can enjoy it at our next stop, the Roman Forum!

From the Colosseum, just head to the other side of the street and enter the Roman Forum. The site is mainly in ruin, but it gives you a great idea of how the Ancient Rome must have looked like. You can imagine the little food markets, the shops, the temples and all the activities going on in the very old streets.

Roman ForumRoman ForumRoman ForumRoman Forum

From the Forum, head uphill to what used to be the ‘posh’ neighbourhood of the Ancient Rome. The Palatine Hill is where the emperors and the cool-kids used to live. I did Latin for 2 years, I don’t remember any of the derivatives but I do remember this! My parents would be proud…

Palatine HillPalatine Hill

The views of Rome’s roofs are wonderful from there.

Palatine HillPalatine Hill

At the top of the hill, you will find Emperor Augustus palace. You will also see on the other side of the hill what remains of the Circus Maximus (drop movie reference here: Ben-Hur)

Emperor Augustus palace

After the Palatine hill, head toward the Piazza del Campidoglio, where you will find the famous Capitoline wolf statue. You can then head downhill to the Piazza Venezia and the high street area.

By now it should be late afternoon, perfect time for a gelato or an Aperol spritz! When in Rome…

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Here are part 2 and 3 of our weekend in Rome!


No better place to start the weekend! Sunset on the lake with a glass of wine.

Lake District (Cumbria) – 2014



Sea, parasols and sun in Dubai.

Dubai – 2014


A weekend in Norfolk

That’s it folks, 2016 is gone, 2017 has arrived and with that is now time to plan for your next adventure!

And if you are looking for an escape by the sea, long walks on the beach, tasty seafood and cosy pubs, I happen to just know the place for you!

Weekend in Norfolk

Norfolk is the perfect balance of countryside and seaside and the perfect place for a breath of fresh air.

We left London straight after work on a Friday evening and arrived at the Dabbling Duck where we were staying around 9pm. I would highly recommend this place, the rooms are cosy and the breakfast beautiful. If you are staying somewhere else I would still recommend you have lunch or dinner there! I had the duck breast (duh!) which was beautiful and the banana sticky toffee pudding is to die for (and I don’t even like sticky toffee pudding!).

We woke up bright and (not too) early on Saturday and after a huge breakfast, we headed to Norwich. It really worth visiting the city, the cobbled streets are full of lovely little shops and if you like flea markets make sure to give yourself time to explore St. Gregory’s Centre for the Arts, a paradise for vintage fans.

Weekend in Norfolk Norwich

Unfortunately, I took very little pictures on that as the weather was terrible, which brings me to my packing recommendations, wellies and brollies are a must in Norfolk!

We headed to Great Yarmouth in the afternoon, which, to be honest, we really didn’t like… If you like arcade games you may enjoy it but if like us you were looking for seafront charm, I would pass.

After a slightly disappointing end of the afternoon, we went back to the B&B to quickly change and headed back out for a very satisfying dinner at Stratton’s. Perfect place for a romantic dinner!

Weekend in Norfolk Dabbling Duck

On Sunday, we woke up early to make the most of our last (and sunny) day in Norfolk.

We headed first to the beautiful village of Burnham Market for a little walk. This place is exactly how I pictured Norfolk to be.

Weekend in Norfolk Burnham MarketWeekend in Norfolk Burnham MarketWeekend in Norfolk Burnham MarketWeekend in Norfolk Burnham MarketWeekend in Norfolk Burnham Market

After a countryside walk, we thought a beach walk was in order and headed to Wells-next-the-Sea. Once there, make sure to park in some of the back streets as the harbour car park is ridiculously expensive. Then walk along the East Fleet, you will end up on a beautiful beach surrounded by colourful beach cabins.

Weekend in Norfolk Wells-next-the-SeaWeekend in Norfolk Wells-next-the-SeaWeekend in Norfolk Wells-next-the-SeaWeekend in Norfolk Wells-next-the-Sea

Working up an appetite, we stopped by one of the numerous seafood joints by the coast somewhere between Wells-next-the-Sea and Blakeney. The waitress was very rude but the crab was delicious!

Weekend in Norfolk seafood

We stopped in Blakeney for a digestive walk and then headed to our final destination, Holt. Both villages worth a stop to enjoy the local architecture (flint anyone?), little boutiques and a cup of tea and slice of cake.

Weekend in Norfolk BlakeneyWeekend in Norfolk Blakeney

We headed back to gloomy London our lungs full of fresh air and our heads full of ideas for our next trip to Norfolk!