Nice to meet you!

A different type of post today, no one-liners and a beautiful landscape.

I thought I would introduce myself as some of you have been following me for a little while but I have never really told you much about me. So here you go, this moi.

Claire Imaginarium

Istanbul – 2015

My name is Claire, I am 30 years old and French. I have been calling London home for more than 5 years now. I moved there for work and never looked back!

Claire Imaginarium

Rio de Janeiro – 2013

I am currently working full time as a Communications manager for an IT company. Not the most glamorous job but it pays the bills and my trips! πŸ™‚

Claire Imaginarium

UAE – 2014

Outside of work I love travelling as you may have guessed, I also love Pilates, watching movies and everything related to interior design. Oh, and I also like to take pictures!

Claire Imaginarium

South Africa – 2011

All the picture you can see me featured in are taken by my lovely husband Andrew, a good friend or a nice random person in the street.

Finally, I have one nice little cat (well if nice means that bites=kisses) called Buffer. We got him from a rescue centre and you may see him featured on this blog now and then.

That’s it now you know a little more about me πŸ™‚

And below are a few more pictures of me (and Andrew) in Jordan, Italy,Β NYC and Scotland.



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