Dining Room – Reveal

Time to show you the updated dining area! As I mentioned in my previous post I wanted to create something contemporary and fresh with a rustic twist.

Overall, I would describe my style as contemporary mid-century modern, which hopefully I translated successfully in this space. Now let’s go into the details, my little designer assistant cannot wait to show you the results!

Dining room cat

So first thing first, here is a little reminder of how the dining area looked like originally.

dining room beforedining room before

The wall colour is perfectly fine being a very neutral pale grey. I didn’t need to do any painting here, which my right arm thanked me for. However, I went for something very different with the furniture. Oranges and warm browns are not my colours.

For the table I wanted something almost rustic, a very simple big solid wood table. You have no idea how complicated it was to fine this table! When looking at wood tables, either the finish wasn’t natural enough, the legs too thin/fancy, or the designer tried to add some unnecessary finishing touches.

dining room after interior design

We eventually found the perfect natural light wood  table at Furniture Village. I never in a million years thought I would find anything I would like there, but here it was, waiting for us in the entrance hall!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find it on their website. So if you are interested in it show them the picture and ask if they still carry this exact model. Also note that you can pick a different finish (lighter and darker) and legs width. Almost bespoke furniture! đŸ™‚

dining room after interior design

Now that I had my rustic table, I needed to bring the contemporary touch with the chairs.

The first one I chose is a little bit of a mid-century modern cliche, you see it in all the interior books, on all the blogs, and it pretty much owns Pinterest interior section… Yes, I went for Eames inspired Eiffel wooden legs chairs. So predictable, I know, but soooo good looking!

dining room after interior design

The originals go for around 250 dollars a pop, out of budget for us. We therefore went for lookalikes (cough *** replicas *** cough) from Dwell. I picked white for the four as I wanted to achieve a miss-match look with another design rather than a colour.

For the two other chairs, I wanted a modern look with a classic silhouette. The Parisienne model from Calligaris is exactly that! The design is inspired by the chairs you find in cafes in France, yet the polycarbonate material makes it very modern.

dining room after interior design

For the colour we went for ‘Smoked Grey’ rather than completely clear. The material is transparent so the hint of colour makes the chairs pop a little more, and the grey matches the rest of our living-space colour code. I am so pleased with these!

Now for the final touches. I am very fortunate to have a talented artist in my family – my grand-mother. The painting I aligned with the table is a gift I received when I was born. The scene of the little girls having tea around a table perfectly matches a dining room setting, and the bright colours help make it the real statement piece in that space.

dining room after interior design

Finally, I added some vases matching the colour and style of the space. One is an old bottle, one an old home-sense container and the last one I found in a little pound shop.

dining room after interior design

For the flowers, I usually prefer to use foliage in this space, such as eucalyptus, so it matches the simple contemporary theme.

dining room after interior design

That’s it peeps, this is my new dining-room! I hope you like the final result!

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