Home office – Reveal

A while back I showed you my inspiration for our home office. I was aiming to share with you the reveal a few weeks later but we had major delivery delays with our new desk. The reality of decorating a house!

The process was long, I finished painting the walls in 2016 it then was used as a storage room for the whole of 2017. It was also a bit painful – thanks delivery man for all the delays… Things finally sped up earlier this year as I changed job and I am now working from home, so I needed a workspace which was neither our sofa or dining table. Finally, we got there!

The room is small, it is technically a single bedroom, but having no children or a big dog to worry about, we immediately decided to turn it into a study. I wanted to go bold for this space knowing that being a small room I could easily repaint the walls if I wasn’t happy with the result!

I went for navy blue walls which I had dreamt of for years, I picked Midnight Navy by Crown Paint. To keep the room bright and airy I selected mainly white furniture with accents of wood and grey to avoid making it look too bi-colour.

Navy home office

When you enter the study, the first thing you will see is our desk. We opted for a small white desk to pop against the navy walls and went for this little number from Habitat. I like the details of the legs making it warmer and lighter in the small dark space. You will also notice that I kept the window wall white to extend the brightening effect of the window across the entire wall. This really helps make the room feel spacious and bright.

Home office Habitat desk and Ikea chair

The desk chair is a grey Tobias Ikea chair which moved with us from our previous place. I like how the grey breaks the navy and white theme. I styled it with a sheepskin from Ikea to make it a comfortable seat for a few hours.

Home office Habitat desk

The desk is quite narrow so I only keep the essentials on there. A clutter free desk is also a nice break after months of cumulation of ‘stuff’ in this room.

London tube map wedding seating plan

On the right of the desk, we hanged what looks like a London Tube map but what was actually our wedding seating plan. I did it myself, it took me hours but it was a great way to bring London to France on the day.

Home office Oliver Bonas lamp

The copper and marble desk lamp is from Oliver Bonas. I like how the grey shade matches the chair and some storage boxes we have in this room (keep scrolling!). I got the bamboo pen pot on Amazon.

Muji Vanilla candle

On the left of the desk, I have a Muji Vanilla candle. It is a strong one and works even when off!

Home office Paperchase and Ikea gallery wall

Above the desk, I created an inspirational gallery wall made with funny postcards from Paperchase and simple white Ikea frames. I do stare at it a lot and I am still entertained looking at it (I am sad like that).

Ikea Billy bookcases

Moving to the other side of the room, Andrew and I being fairly big readers we created a bookshelves wall, which is very much used as you can see! I am conscious that it is a bit of a mess at the moment but we only finished the room 2 weeks ago so I styled the shelves without much attention.

These Ikea Billy bookcases are becoming a memories shrine. On there you will find some of the oldest trinkets Andrew and I have cumulated over the years. To avoid boring you to death I made a little selection of things which are worth noting.

Home office decoration

My graduation hat which is a canotier (how very French!), my first ever teddy bear and pictures of our parents’ weddings.

Ikea Billy bookshelves

My first ever pair of shoes!

Grandparents wedding pictures

Our grandparents’ wedding pictures which were framed for our own wedding and which we kept.

Navy home office decoration

On top of the lower bookshelf, I have some more trinkets, an aloe vera plant in a TK Maxx planter and a painting from my very talented grandmother.

Now for the fairly boring (but necessary!) stuff, in this room we also have…

Ikea office storage

…An Ikea storage unit for all our admin papers next to the shelves.

Cat flap

Buffer’s catflap decorated with a patchwork of doormats we cumulated over the years (keeping it real!).

To bring more warmth and texture to the space I looked for an ‘organic’ lampshade and this rattan one from Homebase (old collection) does the job perfectly!

Rattan ceiling lamp shade

Finally, this is the view from the other side of the home office, by the door is a Hol Ikea box which is used as our laundry basket. Above the door is a storage unit we got fitted which is home to our Christmas decorations and some luggage, fascinating right?

Navy home office

I hope you like the final result! A small space which is stylish and functional!

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How to incorporate metals into your home without overdoing it?

Brass, copper, nickel – some may call them fads, some may think they are here to stay. No matter what, metals have been invading our houses big time for the past 4 years. The challenge with incorporating metals into homes is that one can easily overdo it. I have seen many copper-everything kitchens or brass-everywhere bathrooms. It can look good but it can also look too much very quickly.

My approach to interior design is like a French diet: everything is good for you in moderation. I love a bit of copper and brass, but I am always asking myself “will I still like it in 10 years?” before falling for every and any interior trend.

If in doubt, less is always more

You don’t have to go crazy to make an impact when it comes to metals. In the picture below, you will see that I opted for copper lampshades which really pop against the black wall and furniture. True story: I originally thought I would change the drawers’ knobs to copper ones but I quickly realised that it would just be a little tacky. Instead, I opted to bring another touch of copper with a picture frame you can see toward the back of the chest of drawer. The warmth of my grandmother’s painting and the bench are enough to tie it all in together nicely!

Copper and black hallway
A bit of copper in the hallway

Pick very subtle details

Clever interior design is all in the details. Everybody can buy a big designer sofa or an Ikea table, but there is a fine line between ending up with something everybody else has and something a bit different. When it comes to decorating my house, nothing has been innocently picked or styled, every detail has been considered and thought through before being purchased (call me crazy but I just can’t help it!).

For our living-room, I wanted to incorporate new textures with something less commonly used like concrete. I also wanted some touches of metal without making it a statement like in our hallway. I, therefore, searched for something unexpected and interesting to look at. This is exactly what this Oliver Bonas table lamp is, first you see a grey lamp, then you notice that it is made of concrete and finished with brass. A modern and simple design with the latest trends in mind.

Living room black bookshelves
Brass detail on a table lamp

Our living space is fully open-plan so the kitchen, living-room and dining room are merged together. With touches of brass and copper already present in the living-room, I thought it would be good to tie-in the kitchen with some copper too. To avoid making this connection obvious or too matchy-matchy we kept it very subtle with this minimal copper clock from Karlsson.

Karlsson minimal copper clock
Thin copper clock frame

Mix the metals

Now, this is a scary one, but it can really pay off when done nicely. Mixing metals in interior design is a brave move but it will make your space so much more interesting! Start small, like I have done in my hallway. I have brushed copper lamp shades so I added this Paperchase polished copper picture frame (old collection but similar here) for the chest of drawers and next to it I placed a brass H&M trivet (old collection too, similar here).

Copper picture frame and brass candle
Brass and copper mixed with small home accessories

Match the tones, not the materials

I think sometimes people get too caught up into matching materials with materials, such as brass with brass, instead of thinking of the colour palette. An advice I have is to look at your space and its colour palette. Brass, for instance, is yellow and brown toned. Shades of copper can go from orange, pink to maroon. Silver, chrome and steel are greys whereas nickel is more of a greige colour. Does it make sense?

I followed this principle in my house, for instance, the colour of the copper lamp below matches the tan leather Moroccan pouffe next to it.

Copper lamp and Moroccan pouffe
Leather and copper colour match

And these side tables from Oliver Bonas (old, similar here) have a slightly deeper shade of copper which goes well with the walnut details of this Ikea armchair.

Mid-centry modern reading corner
Wood and copper colour match

Pick a brushed finish

If you really love metals and want to incorporate a bit more of them into your house without overdoing it opt for brushed metals. The matte finish makes it more subtle and easier to implement, mostly with copper when polished can have a bit of an overwhelming orange mirror effect. You will notice that it is a rule I followed a lot in my house as most items I have picked have a brushed finish.

Embrace it in small spaces

Sometimes it is good to throw all rules and principles out the window when it comes to interior. So if you need to get metals out of your system and have a small space you can have fun with, go for it!

You will see below that for our powder room I went for brass-everything and I love it! It is a small space which helped limit the ‘damage’ while still having fun with frames, accessories and wall art.

Brass and teal guest bathroom
Brass and teal guest bathroom

I hope this post helps you embrace metals without turning your home into a disco ball!

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How to incorporate metals into your home without overdoing it?

Room inspiration – Staircase

Andrew and I are not born DIYers, far from it. I can paint walls, he can drill holes in them, but that is pretty much it. With our house, most of the work we have done so far has been pretty easy. Being a new build everything has been purely cosmetic and decorative. Until this Spring!

Indeed we have decided to give our staircase a full makeover. At the moment it is covered with a high-pile beige carpet which 1) is ugly and badly fitted and 2) is a dust and dirt trap. Carpeted staircases seem to be a very British thing and are a lot less common in France – so I was never a fan anyway.

Our plan is to remove the carpet, sand the steps, fill any holes the stairs may have and paint them. It sounds pretty simple, but a lot can go wrong. All the carpet staples will need removing, all the gaps will need to be assessed and fixed, and what if the quality of the material used by the developer is awful and needs to be covered again?

The worst that can really happen is that we need to get someone in and recarpet the whole staircase. An expensive mistake, but this is a risk we are willing to take!

For the colours, we are going for white and Railing by Farrow and Ball, so it ties in nicely with our entry hall. I will, of course, document the whole process and share it with you if it doesn’t completely fail. I may even make a video! Would you like that?

In the meantime, I thought I would share my Pinterest inspiration to get our staircase from dusty and crappy to sleek and sexy!

Wish us luck!

Black and white staircase inspiration
Source: Maison de Pax and great DIY guide!
Black and white staircase inspiration
Source: Remodelaholic
Black and white staircase inspiration
Source: House & Garden
Black and white staircase inspiration
Source: The Ugly Duckling House

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Room inspiration – TV wall

This scene took place sometime in 2016…

Andrew – “We need a new TV!”

Claire – “Why? This one works perfectly well!”

Andrew – “Yes but I want a bigger one and there is that new OLED technology which…”

I stopped listening at that point. When you are married you have to pick and choose your battles, right? So we got a new BIG TV. Which means that I was left to decorate around a giant black rectangle taking centre stage in our living-room.

The thing with TVs is that often, when decorating, people treat them as an after-thought or, at the other hand of the spectrum, make it THE statement in the room. I wanted none of that. I don’t find TV to be nice to look at when they are off, so I wanted it to merge into the aesthetic of the room, while yet keeping it noticeable and enjoyable when on. The easiest way to do it for wall art hoarder like me? A gallery wall!

This gallery wall was a challenge though as our TV sits in a corner of the living-room, so not only did I have to plan around a TV but also across two walls! So before to start nailing things on the wall I looked for inspiration on my trusty Pinterest, and below are my top four sources of inspirations! All have the lightness and aesthetics I wanted to achieve. Come back very soon to see the results!

TV wall inspiration
Credits: Room for Tuesday
TV wall inspiration
Credits: A Cup of Joy
TV wall inspiration
Credits: Homey Oh My
TV wall inspiration
Credits: Homepolish

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Favourite Interior blogs

I have always had an interest in interior design, as far as I can remember, I always enjoyed looking at a space and thinking of its layout and all the pretty things that could live in it. As a child I loved going tiles/wardrobe/lamp shopping with my parents, I loved looking at shapes, touching the different textures and fantasising about what my bedroom could look like. It is also good to mention that my parents both love design and our house was always filled with ELLE Decoration and new homeware items (that’s their latest purchase which I think is pretty cool!).

In my teens, I used to spend hours drawing plans of what my future house (***cough***mansion***cough***) would look like. I also considered studying architecture, but I had other passions at the time that drove me to another direction.

Fast forward to university, and I discovered a new world of inspiration the Internet! Pinterest, interior blogs, sources of inspiration where booming and endless, and made me even more excited to get a house I could try all those new ideas in.

I started fantasising again as I entered the workplace, “one day I will able to afford a beautiful Diptyque candle for my coffee table”, “one day I will paint some walls in black“, and slowly but surely as the years went by I made those things happened. I think as I grew older I also started to develop my own interior personality and parted ways with my parents’s very contemporary tastes and aimed for something a little softer and a bit more eclectic (mid-century-modern-bohemian-Scandinavian anyone?). In the process I also became more faithful to some blogs as they really reflected what I wanted my spaces to feel and look like.

And because sharing is caring here are my top four favourite interior blogs at the moment (I say that because, who knows, in 3 years I may be really into shabby-chic?).


If you like a good house tour, this is the place to go! Lavish apartments in New York, cute trendy houses in LA, influencers’ offices – Homepolish’s magazine is your online source for interior envy.

Living room designed by Homepolish
Source: Homepolish

Homepolish is actually an interior design company which provides designers services for private clients and companies, but their magazine/blog is a fantastic source of inspiration. They also share advice to help people like us make the right interior decisions.

Kate La Vie

Kate has the most beautiful home. Originally a beauty blogger, Kate has been regularly sharing interior updates of her Glasgow apartment, and everything she picks and does is Pinterest-worthy.

Dressing table designed by Kate La Vie
Source: Kate La Vie

She also has the two most adorable fur-babies which makes her an even greater interior inspiration for cat owners like me!

Studio McGee

Not only is Shea McGee a very talented interior designer, but her career is a real inspiration. She built her company in few years and is an Instagram phenomenon. If you want home and career inspiration, look no further!

Sideboard designed by Studio McGee
Source: Studio McGee

Her company’s blog is a great source of interior tips, and make sure to visit their Youtube channel too for even more guides to make your coffee table super Instagramable!

The Socialite Family

Don’t be fooled by the English name this is actually a French blog! But even if you don’t understand French you will understand the pictures and, trust me, they are worth looking at!

Chair designed by The Socialite Family
Source: The Socialite Family

The objective of Constance Gennari, the founder of The Socialite Family, was to share the real homes of modern and trendy families living in Paris, London, Milan and many other places.

Here you go, four very different digital universes, all very inspiring! Now I will go grab a paint brush because I have a bit of decorating to do!

My second favourite blogs post on all things beauty is here!

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Room inspiration – Home office

A change in my career means that I will in the new year use our home office a lot more. At the moment it is a bit of a pit, or in nicer words, a ‘storage room’.

For this room, which is a single bedroom, I want to be bold. Small rooms do that to me! I always had something for navy blue walls and therefore thought that the office would be a good place to try it. What is the worse that can happen? I  will just have to repaint it all.

The space being compact I have to keep it simple with the furniture, I know we need bookshelves, a bit of storage and a desk area.  Limiting the furniture items means that the space will feel bigger. That also means that it can easily be turned back into a single bedroom if we ever need it.

For the style, I want to keep it simple and modern as the walls will be the statement. To create a nice contrast and bring a bit of light in the room most of the furniture will be white.

Finally, in order not to make it too bicolour with the navy and white, I will introduce pops of colours with art work and the bookshelves styling.

Below are the pictures from Pinterest I used as inspiration and, hopefully early in the new year, I will be able to give you a little tour!

Beautiful spaces make for creative ideas right? Now let’s hope that works!

Home office navy blue inspiration
Home office navy blue inspiration
Home office navy blue inspiration
Home office navy blue inspiration

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Christmas 2017 – Gift guide for Interior Design fans

It is the season of giving and of gift guides!

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for inspiration on other blogs and Youtube to find THE most thoughtful gift for my dearest ones (no pressure!). Following my gift guide for travelers, today I put together a gift guide for people like me who are obsessed love interior design.

I like anything design related, and nothing makes me more happy than receiving a book or a new decorative item for my house. Note that the selection below is to my contemporary/mid-century modern taste, I even actually own a few of the items listed and love them very much!

Christmas 2017 Interior gift guide

1. Juniqe Wall Art

I love Juniqe website, it has so many prints on offer you can spend hours just scrolling through them like you would wander in a museum. The great things with Juniqe is that it makes wall art very affordable too! All you have to do is to choose the print, the size and the (optional) frame. I have my eyes on this print ‘Waves’ by Elisabeth Fredriksson, maybe a little Christmas treat to myself!

2. Home for Now by Joanna Thornhill

A great book for both home owners and tenants! If you know someone moving soon or in the process of decorating their home, make sure to get them this book as a Christmas gift or a house-warming present! I have even more options of interior design books here if you are a bit of a bookworm.

3. Oliver Bonas Velvet Hot Water Bottle

I am ALWAYS cold! So much so that my husband call me ‘the lizard’ as I only warm up in the sun or by the heater. That is why I would love to have this velvet water bottle from Oliver Bonas, it is functional AND stylish!

4. House Doctor Tube Vase

All interior design aficionados love to get a little designer piece every now and then. These vases by House Doctor are very pretty and not too expensive, I have both the blue and pink version on display in my living-room and they make the perfect pair!

5. Oliver Bonas Terrarium

You know someone who likes interior design and has green fingers, then this terrarium is for them! I have it in my living-room and it is home to a tall succulent. Plus the black version is on sale at the moment so hurry!

6. West Elm Marble Coasters

Coasters are like Marmite some people love them some people hate them. I used to not really care for coasters, that is until I saw those at West Elm. Marble and geometrical? I was sold!

7. Zara Home Geometric Vase

I absolutely love geometrical interior items! I talked about my quest for an hexagonal mirror before and I a few geometric items in my kitchen. This vase from Zara Home is therefore right up my street and the white colour means it will fit in most interiors.

8. Alessi Pet Jar

This jar is where practicality meets design! A great way to store your four legged friend’s treats, and you can use your pet as an excuse to get it!

9. Habitat Honeycomb Wine Rack

I actually am getting my sister this Habitat wine rack for Christmas! It is practical, compact and in the colour of the moment – brass. Perfect for anyone living in a small space.

10. Diptyque Candles

Diptyque candles are a real treat and my go-to gift for house warming. They are beautiful to look at, smell divine and can be recycled into the most exquisite make-up brush holders or plant pots. I may do a post on which scents are my favourite, but whenever in doubt Figuier and Baies are safe bets.

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Home wish list #1

I LOVE interior design, nothing new here.

I genuinely spend hours on the web and in shops just looking for THE item I am missing in my current house or, often, the item I cannot fit in my current house but really want anyway. #interioraddictproblems

We have made great progress in our current house, and slowly but surely I am finishing most rooms. However, I am still missing bits an bobs that I listed below. Some I know I will buy, some I am contemplating or saving for.

Once I will have all the below, the house will be officially finished! Well, apart from re-tiling the bathroom, removing the carpet and painting the stairs, and… Ok, let me rephrase, after that I will either need to find a new hobby or we will have to buy a new house…

So here is my home wish list for this winter!

A new desk

We need a new desk for our study. At the moment we have a little table from Ikea which we bought as a desk in our previous place as it perfectly fitted between bookshelves. The study in the new house is different so we now have the space for a real desk.

I painted the room in Crown Midnight Navy so, in order to contrast with the walls and bright up the space, I want to get a white desk. It will also match the Ikea Billy bookcases we already have.

West Elm mid-century white desk
West Elm Mid Century mini desk

For the style, I am looking for a touch a mid-century modern without overdoing it. This is why I love both the West Elm and the La Redoute desks you can see above and below. I have a preference for the West Elm one but I have more of La Redoute budget so the choice is made really…

La Redoute mid-century white desk
La Redoute Jimi desk

A Moroccan pouf

Next on my list is a foot stool for our living-room. I am considering getting a Moroccan leather pouf as I love the bohemian touch it would bring to our room. It would also double as an additional seat very easily when we have guests.

Moroccan leather pouf
Image source

A big art piece

I am a little bit of a wall art hoarder, so people who know me well will laugh reading this. “Claire, you reeeeeaaally don’t need more wall art.” Well, “au contraire, mon cher!”. I agree I already have A LOT of things hanging on my walls, but I am looking for something very specific this time.

We have an empty wall above our loveseat in the living-room and I really want to dress it with something big. I am looking for a black and white statement piece as it will be  one of the first things people will see when entering the space. The challenge with art is that you cannot rush and buy what will do ‘for now’. It is an investment and something you should truly love looking at in the long term. At the moment I am eyeing that horses print by Sandra Millar but I still need a bit more time before I am ready to fully commit.

The Wild Ones by Sandra Millar

A new coffee table

The last item for the living-room is a new coffee table! Currently we have the Ikea Vejmon oval coffee table which is perfectly fine; however after 5 years together it is starting to show signs of ageing so an upgrade will be due at some point in 2018.

West Elm box frame coffee table
West Elm coffee table

This time I want to get away from the oval shape and toward a more industrial look. I also love the idea of a coffee table where we can display nice books. My current favourite two options are a West Elm number and a Swoon Editions one.

Swoon Editions Mackay coffee table
Swoon Editions coffee table

A colourful art piece

Finally for our bedroom, we are desperately looking for a colourful abstract painting. I say desperately as we have been looking for a year now, and nothing so far has struck us as being THE one. So much so that I don’t even have an image of what I want to share with you. There are worse problems to have though and we will get there!

Now all I need is a bit more time, a lot more money and there will be a lot of room reveals coming this way!

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Guest bathroom – Reveal

A few weeks back I shared my sources of inspiration to redecorate our guest bathroom. I wanted to be a little bold as this is a small room, tucked away and not used very often. It was the perfect opportunity to try something without much impact, if the attempt resulted in failure.

At the time I also took pictures of our guest bathroom as it used to be, and, of course, I then accidentally deleted these, which means I have no ‘before’ photographs to show you. So imagine that it was completely white and very plain.

Our guest bathroom is small (like most guest toilets), got fairly high ceilings and therefore was feeling rather clinical and soulless. My objective was to create a cosier and bolder space where people would actually enjoy spending time (I leave it there).

So how does it looks like now?

Guest bathroom inspiration teal and gold

As you can see I went for a dark colour on one of the walls to make a bit of a statement but also warm up the space. In this case, I picked Dulux Teal Tension, which, even though is a very dark teal colour, is also quite a warm colour.

Guest bathroom inspiration teal and gold

For the decor and art, I went for a brass and gold theme as it works very well with teal and really warm up the space.

Scratching map guest bathroom

On the wall I have a scratching map my parents got me for Christmas a few years back, which I yet have to scratch because I find it too pretty all in gold.

Gold picture frames

Next to the map I hung three gold pictures frames from TK Maxx with photographs I took in Jordan, the Seychelles and Thailand. I picked these as all were taken at sunrise or sunset and tie in nicely with the gold of the frames.

The Gossips by Norman Rockwell

Finally, I left leaned against the wall a little bit of entertainment for our guest with an original cover of The Saturday Evening Post, from March 1948, found in a flea market in the US and with the famous The Gossips drawing by Norman Rockwell.

Guest bathroom

Around the toilet you will find the necessary toilet rolls stand, brush and bin from Ikea.

Heated towel rail

The heated towel rail couldn’t be more conventional and on it I usually have this towel bought in Berlin.

Berlin towel

Finally, on the other side of the room, you will find the teeny tiny sink and mirror cabinet.

Guest bathroom skin and Petit Marseillais hand soap

On the sink I have have one of my favourite Petit Marseillais hand soap. I love its traditional soap smell and recommend you get one if you are in France anytime soon!

Argos mirror cabinet and Bath and BOdy Works candle

Finally, above the sink is a small mirror cabinet bought at Argos and on top of it a big candle from Bath and BodyWorks with the perfect ‘clean bathroom’ scent. Unfortunately. they don’t seem to have the candle anymore but they still do have the plug-in scent version.

Aaaaaand, that’s it! A guest bathroom is a small space so be creative and have fun!

Teal Guest Bathroom

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Kitchen – Reveal

Following my kitchen inspiration post last week, today is the big reveal!

Our house being a new build, we luckily had very little work to do in the kitchen. The style the developer fitted is modern and white, which I don’t love but don’t mind either. It is bright and not too much of a statement in our open plan living space.

We however had a few challenges to address, 1) the lack of storage, 2) creating an informal dining area where Andrew and I can casually have our meals without having to set our big dining table, and 3) keeping the kitchen area contained in a fully open plan space.

You will see below that when we moved in, all we had was that kitchen corner. Not bad, but knowing that one of the cabinets is the dish-washer and an other one is the boiler, we ended up with a lot less storage than it first seems.

Kitchen Before
Sorry for the low resolution, this is the picture from the estate agent

So how did we styled the kitchen to add extra storage and a sitting area? Ready for a kitchen tour? Let’s go!

Kitchen island and metal stools

One of the first thing we bought for the kitchen was an island unit. It fits perfectly in the middle of the kitchen, it helps balance the area and extends the kitchen away from the corner while maximising and optimising the space we have.

Kitchen island Stenstorp from Ikea

The island is the Stenstorp from Ikea, and probably one of the best things we have ever bought for this house! Not only does it provides us with a dining area, but it also offers plenty of storage hidden away at the back, this is where all our pots and pans live without being a sore for the eyes.

Kitchen island Stenstorp from Ikea

I aligned the island with the central wall which I covered with a gallery wall. I styled the top of the island with grey place mats from Ikea, a geometric teal fruit bowl from Flying Tiger, a cement flower vase from Zara Home, and I always have a scented candle on it which changes depending on the season.

Kitchen styling

I got the metallic industrial stools from Lakeland Furniture, in the medium-height size (unfortunately they are not available anymore but you can find similar ones here). It is good to note that the Ikea island is fairly low, so you need medium-height sits as the regular bar stools’ height doesn’t leave space for your legs to fit under the counter top.

Ikea kitchen island and industrial stools

On the right of the island we have some additional kitchen cupboards. We got those installed as we were lacking closed storage and this area was just a wasted space. We could have installed a small sideboard, but making the investment and having real cabinets fitted gave us a pantry and baking tools storage, while tying the space together with uniform design.

White kitchen

On top of those additional cupboards we have some basic ingredients such as sugar and coffee, stored in jars from Flying Tiger. I also left on display my old Bialetti coffee maker from my student-years and my French press from Bodum. Being a coffee addict I find those aesthetically pleasing enough to use them as decoration.

Kitchen jars, Bialetti coffee maker and Bodum French press

On the other side of the counter top, you will find our little coffee station (we do really like coffee). We have the Nespresso Citiz coffee machine in cream, the Nespresso milk frother, some Monin syrups (salted caramel for him, pumpkin spice for me), and a capsules storage box. We use our Nespresso machine every single day so it definitely worth the investment!

Nespresso Citiz

Now let’s turn around and have a look at the kitchen that was fitted in the first place. We made sure to match the island and the new cupboards with the white cabinets and wood counter top that were already there, so from afar you would never be able to tell what was there when we moved in and what wasn’t.

White kitchen and wood counter top

On the left we have our sink, and dishwasher, with light bulbs pendant lights. We were very lucky the developer had decent taste and fitted these! There are definitely lights I would have picked myself.

Kitchen pendant lights

This is also where our De’Longhi kettle and toaster live. I love the vintage style, the texture and colour of these. Unfortunately this is an old collection, but De’Longhi has an other similar kettle and toaster.

De'Longhi kettle and toaster

I also purchased a fancy looking hand soap from the Galeries Lafayette in France, the smell is absolutely divine so make sure you grab one next time you visit ‘douce France’!

Galeries Lafayette hand soap

Then we have the hob area which is very conventional. Our appliances are all from Bosch and they work just fine. Our backsplash is made of pastel teal subway tiles.

Kitchen Bosch hob

On the right we have our WMF knife block. I absolutely love WMF for kitchen stuff! All our pots are from there too, and everything they do is excellent quality. It is pricey but it will last you a good while! We also have our basic condiments next to the hob, nothing special here, just the regular olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.

WMF knife block and condiments

On the left live our kitchen utensils, our microwave, Brita filter jug and the cat treats in a beautiful ‘cat’ jar from Alessi.

Alessi cat jar

Finally, the most used, and the most important area of the kitchen, the cat dining space. Even for his area I didn’t want to compromise on style, so his food is stored in a fancy Orla Kiely canister. His food bowls and his feeding mat are simple, grey and from Pets At Home.

Cat food bowls and Orla Kiely canister

That’s it folks! The kitchen tour is over! I hope you like what I have done with the space and if you made it here, well done! That was one long post, but I wanted to make sure I covered everything. Until next time!

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