Black Wall – Reveal

As I mentioned a few weeks back, I developed an obsession for black walls! So I took my courage in both hands and I went on the quest for the perfect hue of black as soon as I got the keys of the house.

Black wall interior design

What you need to avoid with black paint is black paint. Huh? Bear with me here!

Pitch black is a very harsh colour which, at times, and depending on lighting, can take some weird shades of maroon – not the look I am going for.

I, therefore, looked for a very very dark grey with a hint of blue, a little less committal but still a dramatic effect, with more softness. I settled on Railing by Farrow and Ball and couldn’t be more happy with it!

As described by the brand it is “…a softer alternative to black […]The fact that it is definitely more blue than black makes it soft enough to use in interiors, to create dramatic enveloping spaces”Railing by Farrow and Ball

I then styled the wall with one of my grand-mother paintings (she is talented isn’t she?). The bright colours really pop against the wall to create even more drama!

Black wall interior design

I also used the letter lights I bought for my wedding as I love the effect of the light bulbs against the black wall.

Black wall interior designBlack wall interior design

Another decision I am very happy with is to have painted the frame of the window at the top. It makes it more subtle as I am not a huge fan of it. At night you don’t even see it anymore!

Black wall interior design

Overall I am very happy with the resuly! I am still considering getting a console as well but I find the current staging very satisfying. The best compliment I get is that most of our guests don’t even notice that there is a black wall. It fits so well in the space that no one is shocked by it. This for me is the sign of a good interior design!

Black wall interior design

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