Hike to Oia – Santorini, Greece

There are many ways to get around Santorini – taxis, buses, vespas, boats – but to access some of the most scenic views, walking is sometime the only way.

After days overindulging on Greek food, we thought it would be a good idea to walk from Grace Hotel to Oia. A good idea it certainly was, just a lot sweatier than we thought.

Santorini Oia hike

So pack your hiking boots or a good pair of trainers, a bottle of water, sunscreen and follow us!

We started walking from Grace Hotel and headed uphill and north to Imerovigli main square. From there we just followed the flow of tourists and walked along a scenic pebbled alley along the Caldera, toward Oia.

Santorini Oia hikeSantorini Oia hike

You really can’t get lost as 1) there are plenty of other people doing the same walk and 2) you can see Oia so clearly, you just have to head toward it. Be careful during the entire hike as some of the paths are steep and hazardous, mostly toward the end closer to Oia.

Santorini Oia hike

After a little while, we reached Ekklisia Profitis Ilias. You will recognise the little church from the Santorini postcards and travel guides you see in shops.

Santorini Oia hike Ekklisia Profitis IliasSantorini Oia hike

Halfway through the hike, we met some new furry friends, who like us were suffering a bit from the hot temperatures.

Santorini Oia hike donkeySantorini Oia hike

We also made sure to turn around a few times to enjoy the Caldera views toward Fira and take it all in.

Santorini Oia hike Caldera

After a rather intense hike, we reached Church of Panagia. From there we could finally see our final destination – Oia – almost a stone throw away.

Santorini Oia hike Church of PanagiaSantorini Oia hikeSantorini Oia hike Church of Panagia

Overall it took us about three hours to go from Imerovigli to Oia. Right on time for lunch! This hike was also a great alternative to a workout after days laying by the pool.

Santorini Oia hike

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