Fira – Santorini, Greece

There are only a few towns on Santorini, Fira and Oia are the two main ones. Fira being only a 20-minute-walk from our hotel, we went and spent the afternoon there on our first day in Santorini.

Fira cliff Santorini

From Imerovigli, we headed south along the narrow paths, spying on the terraces along the way and taking a moment to appreciate the local architecture. The views of the Caldera are so amazing that what was supposed to be a 20-minute walk quickly turned into a 40-minute one with all the picture stops we took along the way.

Claire Imaginarium FiraFira architecture SantoriniFira church Santorini

The plunging views of the Caldera are breathtaking and the villages sit at the top of the cliffs like little white hats.

Fira view SantoriniFira Santorini

Everywhere we looked was postcard-worthy!

Fira church Santorini

Once in Fira, we got lost in the narrow streets, exploring all the small shops, coming across the Catholic cathedral of St John the Baptist along the way. This area can get busy, but everywhere is in Fira, so don’t get intimidated by the crowd as there is no getting away from it there.

Fira street SantoriniFira Cathedral St John the Baptiste Santorini

We then headed to Theotokopoulos Main Square and enjoyed the view of the Orthodox cathedral. Fira really is a must-see as this is where you will find all the main sights you often see in travel guides.

Fira view cliff Santorini

Fira Orthodox Cathedral Santorini

To shelter from the blazing sun and the heat, we decided to visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thira. It really worth visiting! We learned a lot about the history of Santorini and it isn’t huge or overwhelming, so the visit will only take you about an hour or so.

Fira steps Santorini

Having worked up an appetite, we ended our day with a delicious meal at Naoussa. A no-fuss family restaurant with amazing food and great sunset views of the Caldera.

Naoussa restaurant Fira Santorini

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