Santo Wines – Santorini, Greece

There is nothing like a nice glass of wine on a terrace, on a summer night, people watching. You know what’s even better though? Several glasses of wine, on a summer night, sunset watching in Santorini.

On a late afternoon we headed to Santo Wines in the middle part of the island, just a little south of Fira for a winery tour.

Santorini Santo Wines

The tour was very interesting and educative. We learned about the history of the island, the soil and the cultural meaning associated with wine making in Santorini.

Santorini Santo Wines

After an hour tour, we headed to the panoramic terrace for the real treat! We were served a tray of wine glasses to enjoy with nibbles and the view.

Santorini Santo Wines tastingSantorini Santo Wines tasting

As we say in French ‘Apero!

Santorini Santo Wines tasting

Our only job for the rest of the day was to enjoy the wine and take as many pictures as we possibly could of the caldera and the sunset.

Santorini Santo Wines sunset

The wine made me a little ‘creative’ which made for some interesting photographs of wine glasses, sunset, wine glasses and sunset, sunset through wine glasses. You get the picture! 😉

Santorini Santo Wines sunsetSantorini Santo Wines sunset

We left Santo Wines a little tipsy and a little more in love with Santorini. Absolutely worth visiting!

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