Roadtrip in Santorini

Santorini is a pretty big island and even though you can walk to Fira and hike to Oia from most hotels on the Caldera side, you will need to rent transportation to explore the rest of the island. Which is just what we did!

On a morning we rented a quad (you can easily rent a vespa or a buggy if you prefer) and off we went for a little road trip around Santorini.

Santorini countryside

First stop the archaeological site of Akrotiri. A giant excavation into the ground which reveals an abandoned town.

Akrotiri archaeological site Santorini

It is a really well preserved site and it gives you a good understanding of how the people were living on the island before they left following a series of seismic events in the 17th century.

Akrotiri archaeological site Santorini

Our second stop was the famous Red beach.

Red beach Santorini

The place is beautiful and actually red! But there was too many tourists for us to really enjoyed it. So after taken a few pictures we were off again on the roads of Santorini.

Red beach Santorini

Next stop, the ‘modern’ Akrotiri, a little quiet village.

Akrotiri Santorini

We walked around the centre but it was so quiet that again, we didn’t stay very long.

Akrotiri Santorini

Having worked up an appetite, we headed to Vlychada beach to grab lunch and enjoy a little bit of sun. The part of the beach we ended at was secluded which was really nice to get away from the crowd!

Vlychada beach Santorini

We grabbed a bite to eat at Wave bar, which, to be honest, was fairly disappointed compare to all the amazing food we had so far in Greece.

Wave Bar Santorini

We then enjoyed a digestive walk on Vlychada beach.

Vlychada beach Santorini

The rocks and cliff are very impressive and took strange rounded shapes over the years.

Vlychada beach Santorini

And off we were again, next stop, the ‘mountains’ of Santorini!

Pyrgos Santorini

Our last stop was Pyrgos a village nested in the heights of Santorini.

Pyrgos Santorini

The village really worth a visit to appreciate the Greek architecture, and the views of the island are really impressive.

Pyrgos SantoriniPyrgos Santorini

Here you go! If you are in Santorini, grab a quad (and an helmet!) and follow this itinerary!

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