Road trip in Mykonos

Mykonos is one big island and there are only 30 taxis or so on it (amazing pub quiz fact! We asked the locals) so if you want to explore, you will need to rent transportation.

Which is just what we did one morning! We picked up a little Fiat 500 and off we went on the (rather narrow) roads of Mykonos.

Grey Fiat 500 Mykonos

Note that this trip is a little less busy than our Santorini road trip as we dedicated a few hours to relax on the beach.

Mykonos road trip

First stop, Armenistis Lighthouse on the far north side of Mykonos.

Armenistis Lighthouse Mykonos

The lighthouse is a little dated and could do with a new lick of paint but the views are amazing!

Armenistis Lighthouse Mykonos

From there you will be able to see Tinos, Rineia, Delos and Siros.

Mykonos islands view

We then headed to Agios Sostis beach for a swim. If you have a car or a scooter, I really recommend going there as it is off the beaten track and therefore really quiet.

Agios Sostis beach Mykonos

Having worked an appetite we stop at Kikiโ€™s Taverna for lunch as itโ€™s just next to Agios Sostis beach.

Kiki's Taverna Mykonos

With our belly full of Greek food, we headed back to Agios Sostis beach for a little nap in the sun (covered with SPF 50 of course!)

Agios Sostis beach Mykonos

Our final stop was Paradise beach. Mykonos is very famous for its parties and nightlife and we couldnโ€™t not have a taste of it before leaving, and Paradise beach is the local Ibiza.

Paradise Beach Mykonos

We lounged for a little while on the beach with cocktails in our hands, and eventually headed back to Grace Hotel for a much more civilised dinner.

So if you are wondering if it worth renting transport in Mykonos, yes it does, but I wouldn’t book it for more than one or two days.

Fiat 500 Mykonos roadtrip


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