Room Inspiration – Guest bathroom

We have an unnecessary amount of toilets in our new place. For two adults and one cat we have a total of three toilets. We literally could go to the bathroom all at the same time!

It is however very convenient when we are hosting! I have to say that a guest toilet gives me the luxury not to have to worry about tidying the bathroom we use daily, which is nice when there is another ten things to prepare before our guests arrive.

Our guest toilet is under the stair case, the space is compact and the decor very ‘beige’. I always think of the guest toilets as a place where you can get a little wild with interior decoration. It is such a small space that if you think you made a mistake with the colour on the wall you can always fix it pretty quickly!

One thing I new straight away is that I wanted to go for a dark and rich colour. Below are a few sources of inspiration I selected on Pinterest to jazz up our guest toilet and make it a short but nice experience for our guests!

Guest toilet interior inspiration
Guest toilet interior inspiration
Guest toilet interior inspiration

Coming soon, the results of a couple of hours of painting! Which colour do you think I went for?

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