Home wish list #1

I LOVE interior design, nothing new here.

I genuinely spend hours on the web and in shops just looking for THE item I am missing in my current house or, often, the item I cannot fit in my current house but really want anyway. #interioraddictproblems

We have made great progress in our current house, and slowly but surely I am finishing most rooms. However, I am still missing bits an bobs that I listed below. Some I know I will buy, some I am contemplating or saving for.

Once I will have all the below, the house will be officially finished! Well, apart from re-tiling the bathroom, removing the carpet and painting the stairs, and… Ok, let me rephrase, after that I will either need to find a new hobby or we will have to buy a new house…

So here is my home wish list for this winter!

A new desk

We need a new desk for our study. At the moment we have a little table from Ikea which we bought as a desk in our previous place as it perfectly fitted between bookshelves. The study in the new house is different so we now have the space for a real desk.

I painted the room in Crown Midnight Navy so, in order to contrast with the walls and bright up the space, I want to get a white desk. It will also match the Ikea Billy bookcases we already have.

West Elm mid-century white desk
West Elm Mid Century mini desk

For the style, I am looking for a touch a mid-century modern without overdoing it. This is why I love both the West Elm and the La Redoute desks you can see above and below. I have a preference for the West Elm one but I have more of La Redoute budget so the choice is made really…

La Redoute mid-century white desk
La Redoute Jimi desk

A Moroccan pouf

Next on my list is a foot stool for our living-room. I am considering getting a Moroccan leather pouf as I love the bohemian touch it would bring to our room. It would also double as an additional seat very easily when we have guests.

Moroccan leather pouf
Image source

A big art piece

I am a little bit of a wall art hoarder, so people who know me well will laugh reading this. “Claire, you reeeeeaaally don’t need more wall art.” Well, “au contraire, mon cher!”. I agree I already have A LOT of things hanging on my walls, but I am looking for something very specific this time.

We have an empty wall above our loveseat in the living-room and I really want to dress it with something big. I am looking for a black and white statement piece as it will be  one of the first things people will see when entering the space. The challenge with art is that you cannot rush and buy what will do ‘for now’. It is an investment and something you should truly love looking at in the long term. At the moment I am eyeing that horses print by Sandra Millar but I still need a bit more time before I am ready to fully commit.

The Wild Ones by Sandra Millar

A new coffee table

The last item for the living-room is a new coffee table! Currently we have the Ikea Vejmon oval coffee table which is perfectly fine; however after 5 years together it is starting to show signs of ageing so an upgrade will be due at some point in 2018.

West Elm box frame coffee table
West Elm coffee table

This time I want to get away from the oval shape and toward a more industrial look. I also love the idea of a coffee table where we can display nice books. My current favourite two options are a West Elm number and a Swoon Editions one.

Swoon Editions Mackay coffee table
Swoon Editions coffee table

A colourful art piece

Finally for our bedroom, we are desperately looking for a colourful abstract painting. I say desperately as we have been looking for a year now, and nothing so far has struck us as being THE one. So much so that I don’t even have an image of what I want to share with you. There are worse problems to have though and we will get there!

Now all I need is a bit more time, a lot more money and there will be a lot of room reveals coming this way!

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