The prettiest Cotswolds villages

The Cotswold is one of the prettiest areas of England I have ever been to. Rolling hills, green valleys, quaint villages, everywhere you look is out of a postcard.

Cotswolds countryside

We woke up bright and early to made the most of the 2 days we had in the region. On the first day, we visited Blockley, Kingham, Stow-on-the-Wold, Lower Slaughter and Bourton-on-the-Water. It seems like a lot but some villages are teeny tiny so you will only need an hour or so there. On Sunday, we explored Painswick, Miserden and Bibury, before heading back to London.

Now to help you plan your trip to the Cotswolds, I listed all the villages below with a few recommendations here and there. Also, keep scrolling if you like pictures of quaint houses and autumnal foliage. Bundle up and let’s go!

Topshop shearling coat and Marc Jacobs sunglasses
Topshop coat (similar) and Marc Jacobs sunglasses (similar)


BlockleyBlockley was just waking up when we arrived on Saturday morning. It is a very small village so you won’t need long to explore it. Take a moment to appreciate the local architecture. All houses are built with the local sand colour Cotswold stone.


Walk to the top of the hill for glimpses of the countryside.


There you will find a picturesque church, and you will see that even cemeteries are pretty in the Cotswolds.

Blockley church


Our next stop was another very small, yet very pretty, village. Kingham is on flat land, the exact opposite of Blockley.


It is all about the details in Kingham, the front porches are all ridiculously quaint.


Walk around the main green and wander toward the church.

Kingham cemetery

And if you happen to be in Kingham at lunchtime, make sure to try The Wild Rabbit, we didn’t eat there on this trip but I heard great things about it!



For lunch, we headed to Stow-on-the-Wold, a bigger town and the perfect spot if you are looking for a busier atmosphere and an opportunity to shop!


The place has a lot of local products shops and antique boutiques. Make sure to explore some to find little treasures or souvenir!

Stow-on-the-Wold Costwolds cheese shop

If you happen to be there around lunch time, make sure to grab a bite at The Hive, I cannot recommend it enough!


Explore the city centre, everything is so pretty you will feel like you are in a Jane Austen era movie.

Stow-on-the-Wold church

Finally, make sure to pay attention when driving out of Stow-on-the-Wold, there are some amazing viewpoints which worth stopping at for a picture or 20 (you should see my memory card).

Cotswolds countryside

Lower Slaughter

Lower Slaughter is famous for its network of small canals. The village’s streets follow the path of the water to create the most charming atmosphere.

Lower Slaughter

Walk along the canal and head to the old mill. There you will be able to make friend with the ducks and see the hikers splashing around in the water to wash their muddy boots.

Lower Slaughter Old Mill

We then headed to the church and happened to run into a bride and a groom, freshly married, who were taking their wedding pictures in the village. I have to say, with that weather and the golden Autumn colours, their pictures will be extremely Pinterest-able.

Lower Slaughter church



Our last stop on Saturday was also the busiest place we visited. Bourton-on-the-Water is full of tourists so be warned.


It is absolutely beautiful though so it still worth merging into the crowd to walk along the water.


It is nicknamed the ‘Venice of the Cotswolds’ and rightly so. It’s all about crossing bridges, feeding the ducks and grabbing a sweet afternoon treat there!



On Sunday, we started our day at Painswick. It is a very small village but it has a very noticeable cemetery (Again! I told you cemeteries worth a visit in the Cotswolds). The trees leading to the village’s church are all shaped like mushrooms. This makes for great pictures…


…and ‘avant-garde’ headpieces (I am a very funny person indeed).

Topshop coat (similar) and Gucci Disco bag

The village is also a hub for the serious hikers, so much so that you may struggle to find a free parking spot, even on Sundays.



Miserden was one of the prettiest, if not THE prettiest, villages we visited. Teeny tiny but really worth stopping by!


The views of the valley are beautiful, mostly in the Autumn.


The village is very peaceful, the locals friendly, the chickens walk freely in the streets, and honesty boxes are the common way to shop there. A little piece of heaven.

Jams Miserden

Also make sure to grab a little something at The Nursery on Miserden Estate, a nice spot for a cup of coffee and something sweet.



Our last stop was Bibury. This place is probably the closest I will ever get to feel like I am in the Lord of the Ring. Look at the houses! Hobbits could easily live there!


The place is charming and therefore very popular with tourists.


It isn’t very big either, so once you are done walking around, head to The Swan for a warming drink or a Sunday roast (we went for the latter).

The Swan BiburySunday roast The Swan Bibury

The Cotswolds are the perfect Autumnal destination, and it was the perfect weekend away with the great weather we had! We came home rested and with (maybe) a bit of a tan.

Weekend in the Cotswolds

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16 thoughts on “The prettiest Cotswolds villages

  1. Oh I miss being in the U.K soooo much. Absolutely love the british countryside. I used to study at the Sutton Bonington Campus of Uni of Nottingham and it was such a quite and nice surrounding. Can’t wait to be back!

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  2. You’ve made me want to return to the Cotswolds soon! I have only been to Bibury and fell in love with it. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful villages in the UK.

    Liked by 1 person

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