Room inspiration – Home office

A change in my career means that I will in the new year use our home office a lot more. At the moment it is a bit of a pit, or in nicer words, a ‘storage room’.

For this room, which is a single bedroom, I want to be bold. Small rooms do that to me! I always had something for navy blue walls and therefore thought that the office would be a good place to try it. What is the worse that can happen? I  will just have to repaint it all.

The space being compact I have to keep it simple with the furniture, I know we need bookshelves, a bit of storage and a desk area.  Limiting the furniture items means that the space will feel bigger. That also means that it can easily be turned back into a single bedroom if we ever need it.

For the style, I want to keep it simple and modern as the walls will be the statement. To create a nice contrast and bring a bit of light in the room most of the furniture will be white.

Finally, in order not to make it too bicolour with the navy and white, I will introduce pops of colours with art work and the bookshelves styling.

Below are the pictures from Pinterest I used as inspiration and, hopefully early in the new year, I will be able to give you a little tour!

Beautiful spaces make for creative ideas right? Now let’s hope that works!

Home office navy blue inspiration
Home office navy blue inspiration
Home office navy blue inspiration
Home office navy blue inspiration

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