Room inspiration – Staircase

Andrew and I are not born DIYers, far from it. I can paint walls, he can drill holes in them, but that is pretty much it. With our house, most of the work we have done so far has been pretty easy. Being a new build everything has been purely cosmetic and decorative. Until this Spring!

Indeed we have decided to give our staircase a full makeover. At the moment it is covered with a high-pile beige carpet which 1) is ugly and badly fitted and 2) is a dust and dirt trap. Carpeted staircases seem to be a very British thing and are a lot less common in France – so I was never a fan anyway.

Our plan is to remove the carpet, sand the steps, fill any holes the stairs may have and paint them. It sounds pretty simple, but a lot can go wrong. All the carpet staples will need removing, all the gaps will need to be assessed and fixed, and what if the quality of the material used by the developer is awful and needs to be covered again?

The worst that can really happen is that we need to get someone in and recarpet the whole staircase. An expensive mistake, but this is a risk we are willing to take!

For the colours, we are going for white and Railing by Farrow and Ball, so it ties in nicely with our entry hall. I will, of course, document the whole process and share it with you if it doesn’t completely fail. I may even make a video! Would you like that?

In the meantime, I thought I would share my Pinterest inspiration to get our staircase from dusty and crappy to sleek and sexy!

Wish us luck!

Black and white staircase inspiration
Source: Maison de Pax and great DIY guide!
Black and white staircase inspiration
Source: Remodelaholic
Black and white staircase inspiration
Source: House & Garden
Black and white staircase inspiration
Source: The Ugly Duckling House

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