Dark walls and small spaces

A controversial topic I know, but I think dark walls can get a pretty bad reputation when it comes to small spaces. Shrinking the room! Sucking the light away! Are these presumptions actually justified?

Navy wall and art

I thought I would give dark colours a chance and show you how they can turn the smallest room into the most memorable one.

Small rooms are easy to paint

This is the great thing about dark walls in small spaces if you don’t like the colour you can easily paint over it! This is why I picked our very small home office as the first room in my house to paint in a dark hue. I knew it would only take me 3 hours to redecorate if I didn’t like the final result!

Navy home office

Luckily, I loved how the navy blue walls turned up. They create a small cosy space, they elevate the look of the room and make it a great place to work and feel inspired.

Great first impressions

Dark coloured walls are surprising and a brave thing to opt for. Most people will stay away from this type of colour so chances are people will take notice and be impressed if you paint some of your walls navy. emerald, charcoal or burgundy.

Black wall in corridor

The first thing people see when they enter our house is a black wall with a painting of my grandmother in our corridor. I love the perspective effect and the drama it brings to our place. It makes the entrance of a rather unnoticeable London house much grander than what people would expect!

Art loves dark walls

If you have any wall art piece you want to showcase then definitely consider painting your walls dark. The jewel colours are a great way to frame a painting and making its colours stand out.

Black wall and art

This is exactly what I did with a couple of my grandmother’s paintings. I love these so much I wanted to make sure they were given prime estate in the house so everyone who be able to appreciate them. The dark wall gives a frame to the canvas and the paintings never go unnoticed for all the best reasons.

If in doubt opt for a statement wall

You find painting an entire room black scary, fair enough! I am always terrified the first time I swipe the colour on the wall. In case I get too overwhelmed, I always start with the best statement wall so if I get too scared I can stop there and leave the remainder of the room white.

Teal guest bathroom

This is exactly what I did in our guest bathroom. After painting the first wall I realised that turning the entire room teal would 1) feel a bit much and 2) be a little too technically challenging with all the pipes. So instead of committing to what could have been a big mistake, I left it there and styled the rest of the bathroom nicely so the final result wouldn’t feel like an afterthought.

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