A day in Rye

London has been boiling recently, not that I am complaining but the Big Smoke does get, well… Smokey when temperatures rise. So on Saturday morning, Andrew and I decided to get some fresh air and to head to Rye which I have been wanting to visit for a while.

Rye is a little town in East Sussex, 90 minutes out of London and only 10 minutes from the beach, so our first stop that day was Camber Sands.

Camber Sands dunes

We headed there for a spot of sunbathing and reading before the sun got too strong for our pale skins to be able to stand it (even with SPF 50).

Camber Sands dunes

Camber Sands beach is beautiful. Hidden from the road by sand dunes, you will need to climb across the golden powdery monticules and you will find 2 miles of sandy shoreline. A heavenly sight on a summer day!

Camber Sands beach

Camber Sands beach can get busy but it is so long that if you walk a bit you will easily find a spot away from the noisier crowds. We were there at low tide which meant walking a good 5 to 7 minutes to reach the water. So instead of a swim, we favoured lazying on our towels.

We left around lunch time and headed to Rye.

Rye street

After parking the car we walked along the cobbled lanes of the city centre on the lookout for a spot to grab lunch. It was too hot for pretty much anything but ice-cream so we settled on The Fig, a little cafe which had some refreshing salads on the menu.

We then went for a digestive walk around the town slaloming from pavement to pavement in search of some shade.

Rye street

The place is really pretty with its medieval and half-timbered houses. It is like being on the movie set of a Jane Austen adaptation.

House in Rye

The surroundings were beautiful, we, on the other hand, were two rather sweaty messes.

Claire Imaginarium in Rye
Top Primak – Shorts H&M – Bag Gucci – Sandals Havaianas

At that point, our afternoon was interrupted by a football match. England was playing Sweden, it was a big deal for some of us, we watched, they won, we resumed our visit.

Pub in Rye

Mermaid Street is the most famous place in Rye and rightly so, the street is beautiful and was even listed as one of the prettiest streets in England by the Telegraph.

Mermaid Street in RyeMermaid pub sign Rye

We got lost in Rye a bit longer. Andrew got an ice-cream and I took more pictures.

Rye streetRye shoe shop sign

Everywhere we looked made us feel like we were in a storybook.

Two front doors house in RyeWhite door and dove in Rye

As the sun was starting to go down and out stomachs to rumble we headed back home to London vowing to come back in the Autumn for a Sunday roast when the ivy on the houses turns red. If you have any pub recommendation around Rye I am all ears!

Rye countryside view

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7 thoughts on “A day in Rye

  1. What a splendid day! Rye is such a cute little town. Love the streets and the house with 2 front doors. I probably would have spent too much time at the beach. I too have crazy fair skin. Does the water get warm there in the summertime?

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  2. Best pub garden in RYE has to be the Ypres just off the gun gardens. Best pub v near to Rye but in the countryside with a view out to see go to The Plough in Udimore.
    Take a look at my pages for all things Rye & Coastal 😂! @ryecoastalsecrets on Facebook and @ryecoastal for Instagram & Twitter 👍🏻


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