Hiking to the clouds

Climbing toward the British weather.

Lake District (Cumbria) – 2014

Lake District valley


British road trip view

The (not so) great British summer is back… Enjoy the rainy barbecues and the cold picnics if like me you are based there!

Lake District (Cumbria) – 2014

Lake District Cumbria road trip view

Lake District hike

When you need to escape the city.

Lake District (Cumbria) – 2014

Lake District beach England

British lake beach

Secluded beach, fresh air, but British ‘summer’ temperatures.

Lake District (Cumbria) – 2014

England Lake District beach

Sailing on the lake

Little sail boats waiting for a weekend of fun.

Lake District (Cumbria) – 2014

Lake District sailing boat

A weekend on the Jurassic Coast – highlights

After a first video of my trip to Puglia, here is my second video creation – the highlights of our weekend on the Jurassic Coast. I like to play with new type of content and thought you would like it!

The Jurassic Coast stretches from Devon to Dorset and offers some of the most impressive and scenic views of England. Why this name? Millions of years ago this was the house to many palaeontology creatures and today it is the house of many fossils. It is a fantastic escape to the English seaside and I will soon share our full itinerary!

Also you may wonder why our car feature so much in the video. Well… This is the creative input of Andrew who is having a love affair with his new Alfa Romeo Giulia…

Hope you enjoy it!


Outdoor space and fresh air is what I need today.

Lake District (Cumbria) – 2014


The white farm

Rolling hills, farm, sheep – British postcard!

Lake District (Cumbria) – 2014


Still water

So clear you could actually drink it.

Lake District (Cumbria) – 2014