Café König – Baden-Baden, Germany

Baden-Baden is a lovely German town a short drive away from France, and my family and I visited it on a regular basis since I am little. It is a great day-trip from Strasbourg! The town is very charming with its beautiful architecture, many shops and its famous concert hall. It also has a great modern art museum so you can easily spend a busy afternoon there. Now if you need a break between all the activities, Café König is where you want to stop!

Café König Baden-Baden

A real institution in Baden-Baden, Café König is where the people go for tea, cake, to see and most importantly be seen! Indeed Baden-Baden is a very ‘bourgeois’ town and many people travel there to visit the beautiful hotels and the thermal baths.

Café König Baden-Baden

When entering the tea room it can at first feel a bit chaotic. You won’t really be greeted by any smiles and the waitresses won’t help you find a table, you have to find one yourself. There is a certain distance the staff maintain at all time which can be intimidating. Just ignore it and grab a table the quickest possible as Café König gets really busy in the afternoon.

Café König Baden-Baden

Once sat, a waitress will come to take your drink order. Teas, coffees, hot chocolates, just pick your favourite beverage to enjoy with the pièce de résistance: the cakes!

Café König Baden-Baden tea

To order food, you will have to head to the shop section and chose a sweet treat.

Café König Baden-Baden cakes

It is the most difficult part of the process as all cakes and patisseries look delicious.

Last time I went we were 7, so we ordered a good selection of cakes to try!

Café König Baden-Baden apple and cream cake

You will be given a ticket with your order and can just head back to your table to finally relax!

Café König Baden-Baden black forest cake

I would highly recommend trying the black forest cake (above) if you have never had one before!

Café König Baden-Baden carrot cake
Café König Baden-Baden vanilla cake

Vanilla, cream, apple, there is a cake for any taste at Café König!

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3 thoughts on “Café König – Baden-Baden, Germany

  1. So dissappointed by the service in Cafe Konig.
    The pastry was not fresh and tastless, salty.
    The waitress was so ignorant with some attitude.
    I know what it is to earn the money: you must do your job NOT show your attitude and demonstrate your preferences.
    I have been waiting to be served 30 minutes.
    The waste of my 7 euro is upsetting.
    But you know the best part? I will NEVER visit that cafe.


    1. Fair enough! Service is such an important part of the experience. I’m like you, it could absolutely prevent me from visiting again! That’s why I wanted to make sure to mention the attitude as it can be a real shock at first.


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