Museum Frieder Burda – Baden-Baden, Germany

On a cold afternoon while at my parents, we headed to Baden-Baden knowing that a great indoor activity was waiting for us. Museum Frieder Burda is the perfect destination for anyone who likes modern art and wants to stay warm in the German winter.

The contemporary building is in the Lichtentaler Allee park. Rising between the trees, the white cube feels imposing but also light and fragile with its delicate lines and inserts of glass.

Museum Frieder Burda - Baden-Baden

Inside you are welcomed by an impressive atrium. The museum interior was kept very simple and monochrome to highlight the beauty of the art pieces. Every now and then you will catch a glimpse of the park with windows strategically installed to create the loveliest nature ‘paintings’.

Museum Frieder Burda atrium

On the day we visited Museum Frieder Burda the main exhibition was dedicated to German expressionism and focused on the beginning of the movement which marked the start of modern art in Germany.

Museum Frieder Burda Die Brucke

It featured beautiful paintings from Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Max Pechstein and many more members of the ‘Die Brücke’ movement.

Museum Frieder Burda Die Brucke
Museum Frieder Burda Madchen

Museum Frieder Burda has around 1000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photographs. There is plenty to see in a rather intimate setting.

Museum Frieder Burda Marcella

No matter how busy the place gets, it never feels crowded. You can enjoy strolling through the galleries and pause to admire some paintings while retaining a good amount of personal space, which isn’t always the case in the more famous museums.

Museum Frieder Burda - Baden-Baden

I find time spent in a museum good for the soul. There is something relaxing and meditative about walking slowly and appreciating how creative human beings can be.

Museum Frieder Burda statue
Museum Frieder Burda - Baden-Baden

Museum Frieder Burda will be home to Bansky’s latest creation, “Love is in the Bin” in February, the painting famously auctioned and shredded when sold, so it definitely worth swinging by if you are in the area! And if you feel peckish after your visit I recommend swinging by Café König for tea and cakes.

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