A day in Lewes – England

Each Autumn Andrew and I try to escape London for a few days. But limited time off and a few other commitments meant that we couldn’t do our usual Autumnal weekend gateway this year. Instead, we decided to jump in the car and explore places closer to us on a sunny Sunday and we ended in the picturesque Lewes.

English country road - A day in Lewes

 The drive from London took about an hour and a half and having worked up an appetite we first stopped for lunch at The Green Man on the outskirts of Lewes. I had done a bit of Googling on the way and the pub came highly recommended. Some people also mentioned that portions were generous, so we were sold!

Well the portions weren’t generous, they were humongous! I had ordered a quiche slice and Andrew a pulled pork sandwich and when our plates arrived we felt like we had been served portions for giants. My head was physically smaller than the slice!

Green Man pulled pork sandwich - Lewes

We left more than full but not complaining! The food was tasty and the value for money unbeatable.

We arrived in Lewes town centre and found a parking spot without any difficulty. 

Lewes high street
Lewes church

We started our walk along the high street toward the river and spotted a Grand Design house on the way (any other Kevin McCloud’s fan out there?).

Lewes street
Old car in Lewes

Our stomachs were busy digesting and we were in urgent need of caffeine to keep us going so we stopped at Trading Post Coffee Roasters. It is a nice coffee shop where you can pick the type of blend you would like. I went for the Black Pearl blend, rich and full-bodied, exactly what we needed!

Lewes fish and chips shop
Lewes Antique shop

We spent the reminder of the afternoon exploring the high street. Walking from local shops to bakeries. 

A day in Lewes - England
Lewes Antique shop

We swung by the castle and enjoyed the views of the valley. Lewes happens to be in a very hilly area with many cliffs and viewpoints.

Lewes Castle
Lewes valley

We ended our visit at St Anne’s church before heading slowly back downhill through the back streets toward our car.

Lewes Castle
Lewes street

It felt good escaping London for a few hours and getting a bit of English countryside fresh air in Lewes. Next time we visit we will need to go to Harvey’s Brewery!

Harvey's Brewery Lewes

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31 thoughts on “A day in Lewes – England

  1. Sounds like you had a fun day out – I live in Brighton and love a day trip here to wander the hidden narrow backstreets and escape the seaside crowds. Next time check out Grounded coffee shop and Pestle and Mortar Thai cafe.


  2. I read about small towns and England and how picturesque that they can be. However, I never would have thought Lewes or heard of Lewes but now I’m definitely obsessed your picture of the food and the house are so quaint. So very glad I read your post put a smile on my face.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Such an engaging travel post. I was almost lost in your story and you left me wanting for more in the end. I don’t need to mention that the pictures are stunning and they make me want to skip London and jump to Lewes at once. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Goddd, these pictures and the storytelling really makes me nostalgic for some of the villages where my relatives grew up. I remember visiting them as kids and admiring the pub life and the quaint littles houses just like these ones in Lewes. And hell yes on that onion ring burger!

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  5. What a beautiful town to visit! I honestly have never heard of it before today. But I would love to get out of London as well next time and visit this place to try some fish and chips, then have a coffee to walk around with!

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  6. Look at the size of them onion rings!! I bloody love going for a pub lunch in the middle of nowhere as the portions always tend to be huge (unless they’re owned by Wetherspoon’s or something, and then we all know what to expect…). There are so many gorgeous little towns and villages dotted around the UK that I think most people overlook as not being worth a visit, but this post is enough to show that we should definitely give them a chance! There’s so much to see beyond London.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Next time when I’m in London I go there – and I order exactly what you had….this sandwich looks just mmmmmh. But also the cute English houses and alleys seem to be just lovely.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Lewes looks like a beautiful town which is a few hours away from London. I loved colorful buildings, majestic castle and lovely views from the castle top. Thanks for sharing an offbeat destination to us.

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  9. Lewes is not far away from us in London and really close to where my family lives – but I still haven’t been there yet! This gives me some motivation to put that right. Looks like a very pretty town very reminiscent of some of the other spots I’ve seen on the south coast 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Love all of the old buildings that have great colors – you pick your photo targets nicely! I can’t wait to get to England. One of these days…sigh

    Liked by 2 people

  11. I love little towns. My favorite little town happens to be Lewes Delaware, a small beach town in Delaware USA. What a great way to spend the day. love your pictures too.

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  12. Love the old school colors and architecture you found! I love travels that really look like off-the-beaten-path style, although you seemed to also have some great areas where there were people around. It’s so nice to have a balanced trip! It seems like you had a great balance.

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  13. It looks like a cute little town to go visit! I might just go there just to go to The Green Man. I really wanted to see a picture of the quiche slice you ordered to see just how big it was, haha.

    Liked by 2 people

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