The best breakfast in Istanbul

Breakfast in Turkey is done very well! It is a full meal with cheese, bread, vegetables, olives, which will keep you full until lunch, perfect for tourists like us. So imagine how happy we were when we found one of the best breakfast places in Istanbul. I know this is a strong statement, but the breakfast was delicious, the service was impeccable and everything was very affordable!

To find that little gem, head to Ortakoy neighbourhood. Admire one of the most beautiful views in Istanbul on the main square and wander in the little streets.

Istanbul OrtakoyIstanbul Ortakoy

This where we found Ortaköy Cafe Kahvalti. If you decide to go there after reading this blog, make sure to go on a very empty stomach because it is one filling breakfast!

Once settled on the nice street terrace with little blankets to keep us warm (we were there in March) we ordered what seemed to be their speciality (our Turkish is non-existent so we asked the waitress and with a mixture of English and pointing at the menu we figured out what the speciality was).

Claire Imaginarium at Ortaköy Cafe Kahvalti

We opted for the ‘Serpme Kahvalti’ which is their breakfast for two. As part of it, we had the choice between an omelette or a menemen. We, of course, went for the most local option the menemen, a traditional Turkish dish made of eggs, tomatoes, peppers and a few more toppings.

Menemen Ortaköy Cafe Kahvalti

Everything was excellent and between the menemen, the cheese, bread, olives, etc. We were full for the day!

I also mentioned above that the service was really good. A good example is when the waitress overheard me saying that I never had Turkish coffee – two minutes later a Turkish coffee was served without me asking for anything and at no extra cost!

Turkish coffee at Ortaköy Cafe Kahvalti

With very full stomach after easily the best breakfast in Istanbul we had, we headed back toward the Bosporus for a digestive cruise.

Istanbul Bosphorus seagulls

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