6 things to eat and drink in Istanbul

Here is a little compilation of my favourite foods and drinks to try when visiting Istanbul. Of course, there are many more things to try in Turkey, so be curious and enjoy!

Turkish tea

So tea in England is a pretty big deal, but in Turkey, it is taken to another level! It is almost Turkish people substitute for water. At the risk of being controversial (my English friends may kill me for this) I actually prefer Turkish tea! No need for milk just add a little bit of sugar for a warming afternoon treat.

Istanbul Turkish teaClaire Imaginarium drinking Turkish teaIstanbul Turkish tea

Turkish coffee

The strongest coffee you will ever have. It does the job on a morning when you need a kick. Just so you are aware though, the coffee grains are in the cup so do not drink it too fast otherwise you will have a rather unpleasant and grainy surprise.

Istanbul Turkish coffee


Sold in the street, simits are the Turkish equivalent of bagels. Head to one of the cute little vintage carts you will find across the city and buy one of these ring-shaped breads for a breakfast on the go or a mid-afternoon snack!

Istanbul simitIstanbul simit

Turkish delights

Obviously, you have to try Turkish delights when in Turkey! I don’t have much more to say apart from the fact that they are delicious and the flavours you will find in Istanbul’s bazaars are endless! Rose, mint, pistachio…

stanbul Turkish delights


Exactly like for Turkish delights, baklava is a must to have when in Istanbul!

Istanbul baklava


Menemen may be hard to pronounce but it is excellent and a traditional Turkish breakfast made of scrambled eggs, vegetables and spices. It is served boiling hot with bread to dip in. If you want to have a delicious one, make sure you go there!

Istanbul menemen

With those 6 things eat and drink in Istanbul you shouldn’t get hungry or thirsty anytime soon!

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