Room inspiration – Kitchen gallery wall

I have to come clear… I have an addiction… I cannot stop buying wall art…

Prints, paintings, posters, etc. It’s becoming an issue and some of my friends make fun of me saying that I could open a gallery if I wanted.

I just cannot help it, I love curating bits and bobs for walls I don’t have. A very expensive hobby? Only if you make it expensive! I personally prefer to shop in little markets and local galleries where the biggest and most expensive piece is around 200 pounds. I am also lucky to have a very talented grand-mother and painter.

In our new house, and with the living-space being completely open plan, I am limited to four walls for about 20 items and three spaces (kitchen, living room, dining room). The solution? Gallery walls!

This is the only way to be able to display most of what I own in an esthetically and pleasing way. The risk with a gallery wall though is that it can easily become too much and create unbalance. I therefore limited myself to two spaces, the wall behind our TV (not complete yet) and the wall in the kitchen (complete and coming up soon on the blog!).

But before you see the results in the kitchen, I wanted to share some sources of inspiration.


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