Kitchen gallery wall – Reveal

As I mentioned the other day, I am a wall art hoarder! And with an open plan living space and therefore limited amount of walls in the house, I have to be creative when decorating the walls.

In the kitchen, I opted for a small gallery wall between the two french windows and lined up with our kitchen island.

Kitchen gallery wall

I  wanted to set the stage and define the kitchen area by sticking to a food theme on this wall. Luckily, I already had most items and only had to curate one piece in order to balance the layout.

Kitchen gallery wall

I will write a post about the entire kitchen but in this one, I will just go into the details of the wall itself.

We made the shelf ourselves with simple wood cut to exact dimensions, brackets and white glossy paint, all found at B&Q.

Kitchen gallery wall

The succulents are from Columbia Road Flower Market and their pots are old jam and candles pots. I got the mint and rosemary at Marks & Spencer and the planter is from Ikea.

Pig print Kitchen gallery wall

The pig print comes from Antica Marcelleria Falorni in Italy, and the frame is from Habitat. Also, please make sure you go to the deli shop, in Greve in Chianti, if you are visiting Tuscany, all their products are delicious!

Cat Amalfi ceramic Kitchen gallery wall

Sticking to the Italian theme, we bought this cat sign on the Amalfi Coast, where ceramic art is a speciality. It is also good to note that our cat’s food bowl is right by this wall, so it all ties in together!

Row of Cutlery by Bridget Davies Kitchen gallery wall

The cutlery print I didn’t have originally. I found it on King & McGaw a great site if you are looking for wall art! This is Row of Cutlery by Bridget Davies and it was framed by King & McGaw.

Karlsson copper clock Kitchen gallery wall

The clock is a finding from my husband, it’s by Karlsson and we just loved how simple yet different it was with the copper accent and the black centre.

Cafe du Bresil vintage print Kitchen gallery wall

Finally, the Cafe du Bresil print was a gift from my parents a few Christmas ago. I am not sure where they got it from but it is a real vintage print. The frame is from Habitat.

Hope you like this little corner of my kitchen!

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