No50 Friendly Street – London

Another day and another nice coffee shop to work from in London. This time we are back in Lewisham. In the very residential streets of St Johns, you would never guess that you would find a place like No50 Friendly Street.

No50 Friendly Street Lewisham

I first came across it on a walk to Deptford Market. It is one of those local coffee shop people are very happy to see appearing. A simple yet stylish decor with Scandinavian details, good coffee and tasty cakes. The perfect place to grab breakfast on a Saturday morning.

No50 Friendly Street Lewisham

In my case, I frequent No50 Friendly Street when I have to concentrate on work and need to get out of the house. The cabin fever is very real when you freelance so any place with good wifi and coffee is a godsend.

Coffee at No50 Friendly Street Lewisham

They open very early (7am) so they are also the perfect place for commuters in the Lewisham area to grab a warm beverage on their way to work.

The food menu includes a fair amount of gluten-free and vegan options and should make anyone hungry happy! Breakfast, lunch our afternoon treats – let yourself tempted.

No50 Friendly Street Lewisham

Take a sit in the front room to watch people passing by, cosy up on the velvet sofa or ask for a takeaway and enjoy your coffee in the sun in the adjacent park.

On my first visit there, the place was quiet as it was still the early days for this business. It has since got busier with local stay-at-home parents and freelancers frequenting the place during the week.

Velvet sofa at No50 Friendly Street Lewisham

No50 Friendly Street is one of those small shops I get really excited about. I love a good local business I can support and I have been writing this post sitting in the front room while sipping on one excellent coffee. After all, it is often the smallest things that can make us the happiest!

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