The Attendant Shoreditch – London

London is full of trendy coffee shops where hipster teenagers, creative freelancers and bohemian families meet to eat, drink and relax. Just like any Londoner, I am a sucker for places like these where my creative juices get flowing, the Wifi is decent and the food very instagrammable. The Attendant in Shoreditch is exactly that.

The Attendant Shoreditch

Andrew and I were feeling peckish during a weekend escapade to Shoreditch and wanted to treat ourselves to something sweet and a coffee. We came across The Attendant and the tasteful interior got us to push the door.

The Attendant Shoreditch

I know you should never judge a book by its cover but first impressions at The Attendant are aesthetically really good. Subway tiles (their signature design detail), leather chairs, touches of copper, the place has been decorated to be photogenic. After all, user-generated social media content is the best marketing friend of small businesses! But I digress.

The Attendant Shoreditch

Inside we found a simple and fairly affordable brunch menu and an impressive plant wall. We took a seat and Andrew got tempted by a tumeric latte. I know, I know, we are the cliche of the thirty-something Londoners, but that’s cool we are okay with it.

Tumeric Latte The Attendant Shoreditch

We skipped the savoury dishes and went straight for something sweet. Sometimes it is nice to have dessert for lunch!

The Attendant Shoreditch Menu

Andrew picked the banana toast topped with lemon mascarpone and homemade compote. The banana bread was excellent, perfectly sweet and moist.

Banana toast The Attendant Shoreditch

I went for the House Waffle served with homemade compote, lemon mascarpone, seeds and mini meringues. Just what I needed after a long walk!

THouse waffle The Attendant Shoreditch

The Attendant has three locations. We visited the one in Shoreditch but there is another one in Clerkenwell and the original coffee shop can be found in an old Victorian public toilet a short walk from Oxford Circus.

The Attendant Shoreditch

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