Best cafes to work from in Lewisham, London

As for most freelancers and remote workers, I could spend days not leaving my house. Not the most healthy habit, so I make sure to get out at least once a day to run small errands, meet some people or get my creative juice flowing in a different work environment. My favourite office alternative is of course a good coffee shop but with so many to choose from in London it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming.

Best cafes to work from in Lewisham

After many years in my beloved Shepherds Bush, I am now a South East London local so this post will focus on my favourite local spots with WiFi to work from.

What about the rest of London? No to worry I have a few other addresses up my sleeves and I will share these with you as I am working my way through my Mapstr list.

Arlo and Moe

With good coffee and reasonably priced food, Arlo and Moe is a big favourite among the local community of Lewisham. The menu has many breakfast, brunch and lunch options. I recommend the granola and the Guinness cake in particular!

Arlo and Moe Lewisham

Arlo and Moe have two branches, one in Hither Green and one in Crofton Park. Both are full of characters with well-curated wall art and funny quirky little touches. The only downside is the regular WiFi ‘hiccups’, otherwise it is a creative and stimulating space to get the brain juices flowing. You will find many local freelancers working there which is always a good sign!

Space: bright with a lot of character 9/10

Food and drinks: plenty of choices 8/10

WiFi: connection stop and you have to log back regularly 6/10

The Brockley Deli

The delicatessen and coffee shop serves good coffee, pastries, sandwiches and more. It has many lunch options and even serves wine and cocktails! So you could literally spend the entire day there, from coffee time to wine o’clock.

Brockley Deli Lewisham

They work with local suppliers so everything you consume there is supporting local businesses. The WiFi is really good too and it is popular among some local writers and journalists.

Space: bright and simple 7/10

Food and drinks: plenty of choices, including alcoholic beverages 8/10

WiFi: very reliable 10/10

Good Hope Cafe

Can you imagine eating tasty food and drinking a warm cup of coffee for a good cause? This is exactly what you will be doing in Good Hope Cafe! It was founded following the passing of Jimmy Mizen to invest in the local community and create a safe place for young people. Good Hope Cafe employs local young people, to give them work experience and help them as they grow into adulthood.

Good Hope Cafe Lewisham

There are three branches: one in Hither Green, one in Ladywell Fields and one on Lewisham High Street. My favourite is the Hither Green one as it is a bit more charming and better decorated than the others. The coffee is decent, the food is simple but good and the wifi is reliable. Eat local, shop local, create local jobs and be part of the local virtuous circle!

Space: it depends on which one, Hither Green is lovely but the Lewisham High Street one has less charm 7/10 (average)

Food and drinks: the menu is a bit more limited and simple 7/10

WiFi: reliable but a bit slow sometimes 8/10

No50 Friendly Street

Named after the street it is on, No50 Friendly Street is a small coffee shop in the heart of St Johns. Opened early it is a great place for commuters to grab a drink for their commute. During the day it gets busy with freelancers and stay-at-home parents.

No50 Friendly Street Lewisham

The venue is very simply decorated with a Scandinavian inspired minimalism. The menu offers the regular coffee shops treats including a fair amount of vegan and gluten-free options.

Space: very simple with no fuss, the place is bright and has been designed for functionality 6/10

Food and drinks: the menu is straight-forward with options for pretty much any diet 8/10

WiFi: very reliable 9/10


Hopefully, these addresses will help you be productive this Autumn!

I am always on the quest for other great places to work from so I will make sure to keep this post updated with my discoveries, and please drop any recommendations you may have in London in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Best cafes to work from in Lewisham, London

  1. Such a good idea- I’m currently working from home and have been for the past month and sometimes I don’t leave the house for 4 whole days. I’ve just joined the gym to combat this, but sitting in a cosy cafe surrounded by treats sounds like a better idea! These photos are making me miss London!

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