Christmas 2018 – Gift guide for travellers

I cannot believe it is that time of the year again! The time to think about what you will get your mum, dad, siblings, partner, friendly neighbour, eccentric uncle for Christmas. This year went by so fast that I barely put any thoughts into this until two days ago. So if like me you are feeling a bit clueless as to what to get the people in your life, I have prepared some Christmas 2018 gift guides starting today with gift ideas for people who love to travel!

1 – Dopper reusable water bottle

This year I really concentrated on reducing my general waste, one of the very easy habits to adopt was to stop buying plastic bottles. I, therefore, invested in a Dopper water bottle which travels daily with me across London in my handbag.

Dopper reusable water bottle

I used my Dopper reusable water bottle for the most of 2018, it even came with us to Iceland to help us save a bit of money and do our bit for the environment. The big plus of this specific water bottle is that you can unscrew the top section to turn it into a wine glass! So not only will it keep you hydrated but it will make you feel fancy even in the most remote place.

2 – Manfrotto Mini Tripod

Andrew got me this tripod as a gift before our trip to Barbados and we haven’t stopped using it ever since. It is super compact which is perfect to carry around and the length makes it perfect for us to film our travel adventures.

Manfrotto mini camera tripod

Without the Manfrotto Mini Tripod, I wouldn’t have been able to capture the Northern Lights in Iceland or do any of my interior photographs. It is a great little tripod to use with long exposure. It is small but we always find a chair/ wall/ bench/rock to set it up on so we can also take a few pictures of the two of us.

3 – Oliver Bonas travel jewellery box

I don’t travel with many fashion accessories in general, maybe a couple of necklaces, belts and/or scarves at most. However, there has been a few instances where I wish I had a small travel jewellery box with me to leave my wedding band and engagement ring safely packed away.

Oliver Bonas travel jewellery box

This small Oliver Bonas travel jewellery box is adorable with its fun design and compact enough that it would fit in any hand luggage. It would be the perfect place to leave precious belongings when going to the beach, scuba diving or skiing for instance.

4 – Uniqlo Ultra-Light Down jackets

Andrew and I both have had Uniqlo Ultra-Light jackets for years! They are the perfect layering item to wear under a winter coat on very cold days. We used ours during our entire week in Iceland as well, they are super light yet warm, compact and easy to pack!

I have the women body warmer version and Andrew has the long sleeves jacket and they have both been going strong for several years.

5 – Canon G7 X Mark II camera

This was by far one of the biggest investment I have made this year. I had a moment of panic before leaving for Iceland realising that my trusty Sony Nex 5 was getting really old. So I rushed to the duty-free shop in Heathrow to buy a backup point and shoot camera ‘just in case’. Well, the point and shoot camera in question is the Canon G7 X Mark II camera and it actually became the most used camera on our trip to Iceland. I took the majority of my pictures with it and it helped us filmed my best travel vlog so far.

Canon G7X Mark II

I am really pleased with it! It is so compact that I take it with me around London to document any restaurant reviews I am doing for the blog without the waiters noticing. So if you want a reliable compact camera which will take DSLR quality pictures and film in HD, the Canon G7 X Mark II camera is the one you are looking for!

Need more gift inspiration? Here is a beauty gift guide and an interior one.

Christmas 2018 - Gift guide for travellers

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