Make this Valentine’s Day all about you!

Valentine’s Day has never been a thing for me. I first heard of it when I grew up watching episodes of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. It eventually hit France like Halloween did, but the trend never really took off.

I am also a big believer that I don’t need an assigned day of the year to show my special person appreciation. So forget about Valentine’s, Galentine’s or Palentine’s, use this Valentine’s Day as a great excuse to make it all about you! It’s Mylentine’s Day!

Stay in

Why bothering going out on the 14th of February? The restaurants are packed with couples and you are often forced to order from an overpriced ‘special’ menu.

Valentine's Day stay in

Instead, stay in and treat yourself to a nice takeaway, a fancy meal from M&S or Waitrose or (even better) cook something special! Modern living means we don’t really take the time to enjoy preparing our meals, so make an exception this week.

Have a bath

I mentioned it at the end of last year in one of my Christmas guide posts, but one of my resolutions in 2018 was to have one bath a month. I ended up having about 4 throughout the year. It shows how little time I dedicate to pure relaxation.

Valentine's Day bath

So if you have a bathtub, join me tomorrow night! Well, quite not literally… And let’s take 20 minutes to soak in warm water. Add bubbles, throw in a bath bomb, have a glass of wine on the side – make it fun, make it your moment to unwind!

Treat yourself

Feeling a bit down? A bit lonely? Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to treat yourself! So you will never dread the day ever again. You will actually look forward to it!

Valentine's Day treat yourself

Is it binging on a new Netflix show? Finishing that tub of ice-cream in the freezer? Or buying a new pair of boots? Do it, just do it!

Don’t sleep alone

Keep cosy and warm under the duvet with a hot water bottle. It is much better than any boyfriend or girlfriend as it doesn’t move or snore.

Valentine's Day don't sleep alone

And if you want to feel even more special, how about applying a night face mask? Not only will it keep you company, but it will also give you the glow most relationships can’t. I recommend the Espa Overnight Hydration Therapy * or the Avène Soothing Repair Mask* both are great.

Here you go, that is your Valentine’s Day sorted! And this is exactly how I will spend mine. Andrew won’t even be there anyway, he has a business dinner that night but I really don’t mind because this year it’s all about me and you!

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2 thoughts on “Make this Valentine’s Day all about you!

    1. Make it about you! Plus Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays like Pancake Day, if you eat crepes that day great if you don’t you probably wouldn’t even care or notice. And remember you are not alone, I’ll spend tonight in front of the TV in comfy clothes eating some tasty takeaway myself!


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