Kulu Kulu Sushi – London

This post is not only a restaurant review, it is also a significant milestone for me! Kulu Kulu Sushi is my first ever sushi place recommendation!

Let’s rewind for a minute, back in 2006, I had a major anaphylactic shock, the type where I could have died if left untreated for another 30 minutes or so. I spent my time laughing at the state of my face (think balloon-like inflated) while the doctors were poking me with the medication which would save my life in a mild state of panic. I stopped laughing when 3 weeks later when I was told I had developed a fatal allergy to salmon and avocado. Two of my favourite things and both pretty much unavoidable in sushi restaurants.

Followed 12 years of non-sushi eating until Christmas 2018 when I did some follow-up tests and much to my surprise (and the doctor’s – who said it almost never happen) my body had fully recovered and was not allergic anymore! Followed of course a major binge on salmon and avocado! So here I am, finally recommending a sushi place called Kulu Kulu Sushi.

Kulu Kulu Sushi London

Hidden in a small street of Soho, you would never notice Kulu Kulu if you didn’t know it was there. It looks like an unremarkable restaurant from the outside, but walk through the door and you have just landed in the middle of a Tokyo eatery.

Kulu Kulu Sushi London

Don’t judge the rather beige and sterile decor, as in most authentic Japanese restaurants the focus here is on the food!

Kulu Kulu Sushi London conveyer belt

It is also good to note that although it is a well-kept secret, it is popular and a queue can form past 7pm.

We took a seat around the conveyer belt and spent a little while looking at all the options passing in front of us before tucking in.

Kulu Kulu Sushi London conveyer belt

I loved how, exactly like in Japan, in front of you are various boxes and containers holding spices, sauces and cutlery for you to choose from. For an hour and a half, I truly felt like I was back eating dinner in small restaurant in Kyoto.

The food was excellent and we enjoyed a selection of sushi, sashimi and nigiri.

Kulu Kulu Sushi London sashimi

We also had a few sides and I can highly recommend the aubergine.

Kulu Kulu Sushi London aubergine

My friend Ras opted for matcha ice-cream for dessert, which was really good, while I gobbled yet another plate of sashimi.

The best part of it all is that Kulu Kulu Sushi is amazing value for money! When we got handed over the bill, I first thought the price on it was per person, but no it was to split between the two of us!

Kulu Kulu Sushi London

In central London you often pay premium to eat out (and don’t get me started with drinks) but not here. So, for delicious sushi in London, at a very fair price, you know where to go! But shhhhhh don’t tell too many people about Kulu Kulu Sushi, let’s keep this gem between you and I!

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