Where to next? Travelling plans for 2017

Travelling is a serious business in my household, so as you can imagine the travelling planning for 2017 is already in full swing!

We got married and bought a house in 2016 so our travel plans were more restrained than previous years. We still went to Greece, Italy, France, Ireland and Norfolk, so all in all it wasn’t too bad.

trips 2016
From left to right: Puglia, Paris, Ireland, Greece, Norfolk. More pictures here

For 2017, I have already 3 destinations on the list: Japan, Portugal and Iceland. We are also planning a couple of weekends away in England, maybe the Costwolds and the Jurassic Coast? Bear in mind that it doesn’t include all my trips to France as I don’t really consider these adventures, I simply ‘come home’ when I am there.

trips 2017
Portugal sourceIceland sourceJapan source

What about you guys? Where are you off to in 2017?

Also please drop me a note if you have recommendations for Japan, Iceland or Portugal!


2 thoughts on “Where to next? Travelling plans for 2017

  1. Japan sounds amazing…I’m hoping to get there this year! I just came back from Iceland, and the best tip would be if you’re comfortable driving on the right, hire a car! It’ll save you so much money! Definitely prebook the Blue Lagoon if you want to go there, or look into Fontana if you want the experience but not the tourist crowds.


    1. Can’t wait for Japan! Thanks for the Iceland’s tips!!! Luckily being French I only know how to drive on the right (I am hopeless when driving on the left) 🙂


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